Friday, September 30, 2011

eBay Sales

This past week hasn't been a good sales week on eBay for me. But I'm happy with any sale I get. Extra money always helps.

I sold 3 Cabbage Patch Kids outfits I bought at a garage sales. I spent $3 on a doll and several outfits. I sold 3 of the outfits for $16.00.I'm keeping the doll for sentimental reasons.

I bought a pair of Rock & Republic jeans a few weeks ago for $5.00 and finally got them listed. They sold auction for $20.00. I had 20 watchers on this listing and only ended up getting one bid. Can someone please explain watchers to me?!?! Do they frustrate anyone else?

A couple weeks ago I purchased 2 big boxes of Burger King kids meal toys for $3.00. I sold my first lot of toys for $7.00. I have to finish going thru the boxes and separating them by character.

I picked up a Hanna Andersson fleece jacket a couple months ago at a garage sale for $1.00. I listed it auction and had no bidders. Then I listed it BIN and right when my listing was going to expire it sold!!!

Last weekend I found 3 snow suits at a garage sale for $1.00. I listed 2 of them so far and one sold yesterday for $20.00. It's on it's way to New York.

And my final sale, I purchased a Bebe pair of jeans at a Goodwilll store for $4.00. It sold right after I listed it for $25.00. It still had the tags on it. I might have been able to get more but I know nothing about this brand and will admit I was too busy to research it. But I am more then happy with my $21.00 profit.

I guess now that I listed my sales I did have a good week. I just didn't have any big ticket items.

Hopefully eBay sales are picking up for everyone else.

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  1. watchers bother me too. I think some of them are other sellers and are simply watching to see what your item goes for. Others could just be real cheap and hope that if it does not sell you will relist for less. Good sales btw