Friday, November 22, 2013

Great Find

Since I work full time and always have a bunch of errands to run at lunch I don't usually go to yard sales on Friday. Today I got J to run my errand for me so at lunch I decided to go by the only sale in the area I found. And am I glad I did. 

J actually met me there (we are a yard saling couple) which was good because I hate shopping on my own. There was a box on the table that I had never seen before. I read the cover of the box and turned to J and said "this is perfect for you!" It was a box for Alpha-Stim SCS stress control system. I put it back down on the table and proceeded to look around to see what else they were selling. But something kept nagging me about that box so I decided to look it up on eBay. I almost knocked down an old lady and two kids in my race to get back to the table to get the box. I casually asked the owner how much and she answered $2.00. I quickly paid her and almost did cartwheels on the way back to my car. 

Here are some currently listed:


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shopping Trip

Today at lunch I decided to hit a couple of the local thrift stores. With only an hour I had to do some quick shopping. I only ended up buying three things and two I'm keeping for Christmas. 

The first item that I'm going to list is a new Carter's Teething ring. I didn't bother looking it up but for a dollar I know I can at least triple my money. 

For my princess I bought this Lego Disney Planes set. New in box (box is slightly beat up) for $2.00. This is going to get wrapped up and is going under the tree. 

My favorite find was a Leapfrog Laugh and Learn table new in box for the baby for only ... $5.00!!! I opened the box to make sure nothing was broken and put batteries in it and it is ADORABLE! 

Am I the only cheap ... Oops I mean frugal mom that gives gifts they find at thrift stores and yard sales?

Monday, November 11, 2013


I am a member if several Facebook groups. Recently I saw a post (I don’t remember in which group) about a Bape (Bathing Ape) jacket wondering if it was real. Two things struck me with this post. One, what kind of clothing does someone named Bathing Ape make? And if they were wondering if the jacket was real then it has to be worth good money. I pretty sure people don’t do knockoffs of inexpensive items. What would be the point. So I looked up the brand on eBay and was shocked how expensive this brand is. I looked at their online shop and t-shirts start at $90 and can go as high as $230.00. FOR A T-SHIRT!?!?! Jackets can run over $1000.00.


Bathing Ape is a Japanese clothing company which seems to sell mostly street wear clothing. Stuff young people who don’t know the value of a dollar like. They have collaborated with popular characters to make special designs like Spongebob and Hello Kitty so they are hitting two niches. Some of their stuff is adorable but way out of my price range. Luckily that usually means that it’s out of a lot of other peoples price range too. And where do people look when they want something cheaper? EBAY!


If you happen to find a Bape clothing item on your travels and are wondering if it is real here are a couple of guides to help out. The last thing any eBay seller wants is to get caught selling a fake anything on eBay even if it was unintentional.


(anyone else think their logo guy looks like a character from Plant of the Apes)


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween and a Jinxed Listing

Doc McStuffins and Lambie!

Maybe it's something about the time of year but I have had the worst luck on a listing for a Ralph Lauren men's shirt. I have stopped buying every RL shirt I find because the market is saturated. But this one had a big logo and decals so I knew it would sell well. Also BOLO for really large sizes because they sell quickly and for good money. 

This particular shirt I listed on auction first. It sold for $37.99 plus shipping. I paid $2.00 so I was happy with that. But the buyer never paid. Listed of BIN for the same price the second time and it sold within 2 days. Again buyer never paid. Thirds times a charm right? I listed it again and it sold within 3 days. I actually had someone in town email me if they could buy it and pick it up but someone else bought it before I could respond. This time when I opened an UPI after waiting a week for payment the buyer paid. Unfortunately when a buyer doesn't pay and you open an UPI case it takes time before you can relist. You would think this listing would have a happy ending since I finally got payment. But no. Since its been a while since I originally listed it and I expected to mail it out quickly I didn't store it where I usually would and now I can't find. So tonight I have to tear apart my eBay room to find it. With my luck I will find it, mail it, and it will get lost in the mail. I feel like this shirt is that jinxed. 

Anyone else ever have a bad listing?