Friday, September 28, 2012

Who's Bright Idea Was This?!?!

I'm a single mom with a three year old and a one month old. If you look up insanity in the dictionary I think that is the definition. And it was my choice.

I will admit Ella is a perfect baby. She had none of the symptoms you would expect with a baby born addicted to drugs. If she cries its usually because she's hungry, wet or wants attention. And with my family people are usually fighting over her so she gets lots of attention. I know being in the hospital being detoxed slowly over the course of a month helped. And so did the great staff at the NICU.

There was a reason for my insanity. I knew when they called me about Ella I was probably the third or fourth call they had made to place her because I wasn't signed up for a new born. And I just couldn't say no. But now I'm questioning my decision. Not because of the baby. But because of the family.

As I have mentioned before I am a concurrent foster home. I took in Ella as a foster child with the possibility of adopting if it should to that far. The same thing happened with my Princess. We had a happy ending and she is now my legal daughter. But in the process we had a lot of ups and downs. You get attached no matter what.

I realized when I met Ella's parents on Monday a few things. 1) the dad is a jerk. He was practically interrogating me. 2) mom had bruises all along her chin area. Hmm... 3) but most importantly is that they will fight for her. Whether they will do everything the court mandates we will have to wait and see. This is her 4th child and his 5 or 6 and they aren't raising any. If I saw this was a good home I know if she left it would hurt a bit less. But with them I have my doubts.

But like I always say, I'm just a full time babysitter. I need to take care of the baby and keep my mouth shut. And anyone that knows me knows I'm not very good at keeping my mouth shut.

Say Cheese

When I was growing up my family had a Polaroid camera and I loved it. We used to fight over who got to shake it. Being the baby in the family I usually won. I was not ashamed to take advantage of my status. We didn't get to use it very often because film was so expensive. But it got pulled out of the closet a few times a year. And if you flip through our family photo album you will probably see a pic or two where I'm sporting some bell bottoms.

I still enjoy Polaroid cameras but for totally different reasons. Now I buy them to sell on eBay. I can usually pick them up for a dollar or two and sell them for more then $20. I'm happy with that kind of profit. I always make sure I put in the listing that I don't have the film to test the camera and pictures of everything. I haven't had a problem yet. But a warning that these usually sit for over a month or two.

What's even better and more profitable then selling Polaroid cameras? The film of course. I always pick this up when I see it. I usually pay about a quarter each package. I have even seen it in the free pile. In the day of digital everything most people think this is useless junk. The film usually sells within a week for me. They don't make it anymore so just a warning that most you will find will be expired. But that doesn't seem to bother buyers. I always include the expiration date in the listing and they still buy it. Sometimes I'm truly amazed at what people will buy. And grateful. Isn't eBay amazing?

Just remember useless electronics aren't always as useless as people think.

I was going to include a pic of my latest Polaroid find but instead I'm putting a pic of my Princess saying cheese. Much better.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's a Girl - Part 2

I got a phone call from Vicki the placement social worker. She has a baby girl that's 3 weeks old. She is still in the hospital detoxing (was born positive to a couple drugs). She asked if I was interested in taking her. How can I say no to a baby? But can I handle 2. And a baby is a lot more work. I've never had a baby. My Princess was almost 2 when I got her.

I haven't made a decision yet. I have to get back to her. I just had to tell someone.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Keeping up with the Joneses

Apparently it's true. I'm a horrible mother. Or at least that's how I was made to feel last night while I was sitting with a couple other moms at my daughters gymnastics class. Why am I so horrible? Because I only have my daughter in one gymnastics class per week instead of two or three like the rest of them.

Ok before you condemn me too let me plead my case. I'm a single mom. Just a secretary. I dont earn a lot. I have a mortgage and car payment along with all my other bills to pay. And those classes are not cheap! Plus she does take ballet one time per week also. I don't want to burn her out. She's only 3.

Ok I know I'm not a horrible mom. But talking to these moms made me realize how much parents pore themselves into their children's lives. They go overboard with everything. Their child has to be the best, wear the best. Every little girl in her class wears a different outfit each week. My baby has two and one of those does double duty as a ballet outfit.

While I was sitting their trying to tune out the two moms trying to one up each other I looked up gymnastics leotards on eBay from my phone. Wow! These things aren't cheap even used. I don't know about anyone else buy I see these all the time at yard sales. Kids either grow out of them or get bored with the sport and off to the yard sale in they go. I have always passed them up in the past but not anymore. Certain brands sell better so I'm going to have to do some research. But they are usually about $1 when I see them at a yard sale so I will pick up even the lesser brands. I can always put them in a lot.

As for my daughter she is a happy loved and well rounded little girl. Far cry from a year and half ago. And I think I'm a great mom. And she is the most awesome Princess ever.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


As I wrote about here I sell a lot of Hawaiian men’s shirts. I am far from an expert on what sells. But like I always say ugly, oops I mean unique sells. The shirt I listed on that same post was very unique. It was 100% silk but not in the normal Tommy Bahama 100% silk fabric. This one was really thin. I looked the brand, Avanti,  up my eBay app and noticed that the brand had a good sell through rate. But the amount it sold for ranged greatly. So I listed my shirt for $25.00. I had a feeling I was under pricing it but I had never heard or sold this brand before and I need money for my Disney trip at the end of the month. It sold right away. I made sure to make a note of this brand to keep my eyes open for it. And last Friday I found two more shirts.

Aren’t they unique? I listed them for $35.00 and they both sold to the same person the very next day. I finally looked them up and these shirts are selling between $60-90.00 new online. Not the most expensive Hawaiian shirts on the market but they are cool looking. I will continue to look for these on my shopping expediations. And if you happen to see any on your shopping trip I would recommend picking them up.

Monday, September 3, 2012