Friday, August 31, 2012

Now What Will I Sell

I live in beautiful sunny California. I have my whole life. But as I look out the window this is what I see:

Nothing interesting about this picture. My point isn't what's in the picture. It's what not . And that would be SUN. I live in California and there is no sun! And it's not even fall yet!

And how does this effect me? Lately about half of my eBay sales are for Hawaiian shirts. Do you know what some men will pay for really ugly Hawaiian shirts even if they are used? A lot. I can always make good money on them. I usually pick them up for a dollar or two and sell for upwards of $20.00. That's a great profit. And they sell consistently for me.

I sold this Hawaiian shirt this week. Paid $1.00 and it sold for $25.00. I must have underpriced it because it sold really quickly but I'm happy with at $24.00 profit. And the seller thank me for the shirt. Love that. I'm happy, he's happy. The hula girls on the shirt look happy. What else can I ask for?

Unfortunately today being our first gloomy day reminded me that the warm weather will soon be leaving us and with it my sales of Hawaiian shirts. I'm sure I will still be able to continue sell some but not in the numbers I have been selling them lately. So now what will I sell?

I never find owls like Becky at Treasures in Thrifting Land . She seems to do so well on them. The also does well with her local facebook group but there isn't a very good one in my area. I could try religious items like Lorraine at Clamco but I don't run into very many of those either. Plus I have a feeling my mom would try to keep most of them. Scott from Barry's Books and Other Neat Stuff does well with books, movies, cd's, even old computer programs. But I know nothing about any of this and I don't know if I have time to learn.

So since I can't steal any one else's idea I guess I will have to come up with my own. At least until next spring. It will give me time to collect more shirts. And maybe find a new niche I enjoy.


  1. Try 80's toys. I love buying them cheap and selling high. It's also a cool stroll down memory lane and I know I'm keeping things out of the landfill. I feel a little like Toy Story sometimes. I do think that diversity is also important so I sell on Amazon as well.

  2. Veronica, Maybe the warm weather is leaving California, but it's still sunny and warm on the Gulf coast and in Florida. Winter is when the weather there is the best and people take vacations to go south (wish I could!). And there's also spring break in Feb-March-April. Not every niche is a guarantee. I tried to branch out with mugs and didn't fare so well. Then I tried men's ties. Huge fail! Children's books...meh. I keep trying though. With Christmas coming, maybe try some specialty ornaments (teacher, doctor, etc), toys and of course those ugly Christmas sweaters. Unlike most sellers, I bow out of selling just before Thanksgiving and pick up again after the new year. Keep at it. Don't get discouraged! Try some estate sales instead of yard sales. That's where I get my best stuff. Just remember, if you like it, somebody else will too!
    PS. Try dropping the word verification from your comment form. Maybe you'll get more input from readers. It's REALLY hard to decipher.

  3. Hi Veronica,

    I agree about the verification codes...they are hard to see and often often a pain...I've trying posting on other blogs and quit after a while because I kept getting them is hard. Encourage people to chime in by not having the captcha on comments.

    How about kid's clothes. Since you have a little girl, I would do a little research and see what sells there.

    Check out this seller...she does a lot of toy selling and does really well. I always check out her completeds.

    But I have to say I love ties and mugs too. But I do a lot of clothing sales too. I think it's a good idea to branch out and have a nice variety.

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

    1. BTW, I am always on the lookout for Hawaiian shirts...but really only the tommy bahama ones. Tell us a little more about the kinds that you buy. This one is a cool one. Do you only get the silk ones? Or all kinds as long as they have a neat design?


    2. I've also tried a bunch of things...I started with women's clothing, tried Men's clothing (does surprisingly well), children's clothing (awful, my kids are teens and I'm outta touch with what is popular), and even used books--hit and miss. I finally tried women's shoes, and they do well for me, but require scrubbing, polishing, careful photographing (and editing!) and sometimes measuring. A lot of work, but I can buy them for $3 to $10 bucks and sell them for $18-$60, if I'm lucky. Men tend to wear their shoes to shreds, so not alot of luck there except for some sandals and converse. Kids brands like Keen and Merrell do well. I tried some Vintage, and that's hit or miss too--okay to try if you can get it really cheaply, as you may have to relist it for a few months. I tried some toys, I know more about 'vintage' say, 1970s to 1990s (yes, that makes me feel old!), but they are collectible and eventually sell, especially stuffed PLUSH. I LOVE PLUSH, as they cost usually 99cents and will sell for $10 to $30, with fairly minimal shipping costs--I offer Free Shipping, but am reconsidering that for breakables or huge stuff, as I'm not making very much otherwise. My new niche is purses and bags--not super high-end like Coach, etc., though I've sold a few and carefully checked them for counterfeits. I find that good quality name brand bags and purses do extremely well for me, in excellent shape--Banana Republic, GAP, Giani Bernini, LeSportsac, YakPak, JanSport, Tignanello, Relic, Fossil, Lucky Brand, Timbuk2, etc. Basically any bag I find attractive or my teens would use is game, and I can find them from $1.50 to $6, and sell them for $12 to $50. I find that very decent, and they don't require much besides some quick dusting or scrubbing a spot, and one size fits all! I also think women tend to WANT a nice purse more often than they NEED shoes! So I sell a little of everything, but specialize in Plush and Bags/Purses. You will find what does best for you!