Monday, January 28, 2013

It's Called What?!

If you had a clothing line what would you name it? Think of all the possibilities. All the ways you can express who you are or what you represent. And with all this possibilities I often wondered why some people settles on the such strange names. Some are easy to figure out. Many designers just name the brand after themselves. But others … make me wonder, what were they thinking?!?!?! For example:

Apple Bottom Jeans – Maybe women they like there bottoms named after the shape of a fruit. I would prefer all eyes stay away from that area thank you very much

Baby Phat or any other brand that has the word Phat – I don’t care how you spell it I don’t want anything fat or phat touching my body. I have enough already.

7 for all Mankind – While I think it’s kinda cool to have the word Mankind in the name why do we only get seven of what ever it is. What if I want 8.? And what exactly are they giving Mankind. Makes me think of a Twilight Zone episode I once saw, “To Serve Man”. Maybe I don’t want any at all.

I’m sure I can go on and on about designers name brands. What made me think of (yes there is a reason not just my brain going crazy) was a dress I sold recently. The brand name was Jelly the Pug. Cute name but I don’t know if I would name my brand after a pug no matter how cute it’s name was. The fabric for this brand is very colorful and whimsical. It stood out among the racks of other children’s clothing at my local Goodwill. I picked it up on a whim and figured for $2 I would take a chance selling it. Sometimes my instincts pay off, it sold within a week for $24.00. Might be another good BOLO.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Birthday

To Margaret from . I'm not sure how old she is but I'm guessing she's in her mid 20's and looks fabulous for her age. Enjoy your big day Margaret and your time off. Happy birthday!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I am simple type of person. I would rather be comfortable then look good. Unlike my friend April who says you must suffer for beauty and its better to look good then to feel good. But she always feel bad. A lot of medical issues. I think dressing up is her way of hiding the pain.

I've always dated jeans and a t-shirt type of guys. Our big dates are a small local restaurant and a movie. Jason and I are lucky if we can make it out of the house without at least one child on our "dates". Just a way of life. And it's a pretty good life.

But recently we got invited out to a nice fancy restaurant. Since it was right before Christmas my budget was tight and I didn't have the money to go out and but a fancy new dress. Especially one I would probably never wear again. So what was a girl to do? Nothing in my closet was acceptable. But then my mom reminded me I a whole lot (more then I care to admit) of clothing items in the garage a.k.a. my eBay room. So I went shopping in my eBay merchandise and I found the perfect dress. Everyone loved it.

Does anyone else ever going shopping through their eBay merchandise when they need something? Or am I just weird that way?

At this point it would be nice to include a pic of me wearing my fancy dress. But I hate pics. So here is a pic of my Princess and nugget all dressed up.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

30 Below

OK Maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t that cold on Saturday. It might have been more like 31 degrees but it felt like 30 below. We aren’t used to this type of weather around here. But I didn’t let the cold weather stop me from going yard saling this weekend. I wish I could say it was worth getting the family out of bed but the sales were few and unfortunately not very good. This was one of the rare Saturdays I had both girls with me so they got dragged along too. Now before anyone goes calling CPS (again) on me for taking them out in freezing weather, I bundled them up in so much warm clothing that they could barely move. Princess had books, games, and movies to keep her entertained and Nugget had a fully tummy so with the movement of the car she slept most of the morning. Jason and I took turns getting out of the car so the girls never left the warm comfort of their car seats. I can’t say the same for us.

We all have our little quirks. Admit it, you have a couple too. I will share mine. Like I can’t eat two same color M&M’s in a row. I don’t know why. It’s just wrong. I also rarely wear closed toed shoes. So even though it was 30 degrees out on Saturday and I had 3 layers of clothing, gloves, a hat and scarf I was still wearing my sandals. I know, not smart. But I did have some nice woman feel sorry for me and sell me a pair of Ugg boots for $2.00. And they were my size. I threw them in the back of my car and kept the sandals on. Sshh don’t tell her. Unfortunately the only other find of the day was a Vera Bradley back pack for $2.00. I’ve never sold her bags before but I’ve read that they sell well on eBay. The purse is not my style but it’s really cute and I’m tempted to keep it as a diaper bag. The last diaper bag I had I ended up selling on eBay (I forgot I listed it and started to use it so I had to empty it when it sold) so I’ve been searching for a new one. I might just use it until it sells.

I hope everyone else had better luck on their shopping expeditions this weekend. Misery really doesn’t like company.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's Been How Long?!

Over a month and a half. That's how long it had been since I went to any yard sales or thrift shops. No I didn't put myself on a shopping diet. I don't know what happened. Life I guess. With the holidays, baby drama, and a wet December shopping with the last thing on my mind. Hard to believe but it's true.

This weekend I broke my shopping fast and hit the few garage that I was able to find. It really has been raining a lot around here and for some reason usually on Saturdays. Since it rained on Friday there weren't too many brave people who were willing to bring out there trash, oops I mean treasures to their semi dry front lawn. But I was able to find a wood rocking chair for my princess for only $4.00! It's really nicely made and worth much more then $4.00. Other then that the sales were a bust.

But now that I got the taste of shopping again I couldn't resist and the next day made a trip to a couple of my favorite thrift stores. I didn't over indulge but I was able to come home with some button down Ralph Lauren dress shirts (those always sell well for me especially in larger sizes), a few Tommy Bahama silk shirts (can't stay away from Hawaiian shirts), and my surprise find of the day, a Steiff doll. I didn't even know they made dolls. This is my first Steiff find and I haven't researched it at all but I'm sure I can at least make back my $2.00 investment.