Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I am simple type of person. I would rather be comfortable then look good. Unlike my friend April who says you must suffer for beauty and its better to look good then to feel good. But she always feel bad. A lot of medical issues. I think dressing up is her way of hiding the pain.

I've always dated jeans and a t-shirt type of guys. Our big dates are a small local restaurant and a movie. Jason and I are lucky if we can make it out of the house without at least one child on our "dates". Just a way of life. And it's a pretty good life.

But recently we got invited out to a nice fancy restaurant. Since it was right before Christmas my budget was tight and I didn't have the money to go out and but a fancy new dress. Especially one I would probably never wear again. So what was a girl to do? Nothing in my closet was acceptable. But then my mom reminded me I a whole lot (more then I care to admit) of clothing items in the garage a.k.a. my eBay room. So I went shopping in my eBay merchandise and I found the perfect dress. Everyone loved it.

Does anyone else ever going shopping through their eBay merchandise when they need something? Or am I just weird that way?

At this point it would be nice to include a pic of me wearing my fancy dress. But I hate pics. So here is a pic of my Princess and nugget all dressed up.

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