Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's Been How Long?!

Over a month and a half. That's how long it had been since I went to any yard sales or thrift shops. No I didn't put myself on a shopping diet. I don't know what happened. Life I guess. With the holidays, baby drama, and a wet December shopping with the last thing on my mind. Hard to believe but it's true.

This weekend I broke my shopping fast and hit the few garage that I was able to find. It really has been raining a lot around here and for some reason usually on Saturdays. Since it rained on Friday there weren't too many brave people who were willing to bring out there trash, oops I mean treasures to their semi dry front lawn. But I was able to find a wood rocking chair for my princess for only $4.00! It's really nicely made and worth much more then $4.00. Other then that the sales were a bust.

But now that I got the taste of shopping again I couldn't resist and the next day made a trip to a couple of my favorite thrift stores. I didn't over indulge but I was able to come home with some button down Ralph Lauren dress shirts (those always sell well for me especially in larger sizes), a few Tommy Bahama silk shirts (can't stay away from Hawaiian shirts), and my surprise find of the day, a Steiff doll. I didn't even know they made dolls. This is my first Steiff find and I haven't researched it at all but I'm sure I can at least make back my $2.00 investment.


  1. So good to see a post from you! Happy new year to you and your family. Oh my gosh, your daughter is growing up so fast! And what a great rocking chair for only $4. It's cold and wintry where I am, so no yard sales at all, just the occasional estate sale.

  2. Girl I need to go on a thrift diet.I've got all this stuff that needs to be listed-makes me cringe a little when I look at the piles.
    Gosh she's getting big-what a cutie.

  3. Happy New Year! I'm in the same boat...haven't been thrifting in a long time..several months. Nov and Dec are super busy for me with my full time portrait studio business. But I'm taking this Thursday off (for my birthday) and will be thrifting..I need my fix! :)

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else