Tuesday, July 24, 2012

eBay Sales

My sales are horrible right now. But I haven’t listed in almost two weeks. Since I knew that would be gone for 3 days in Vegas I didn’t really want anything to sell. I have three day shipping time on my listings (I can’t commit to one day shipping) but I still like to get my stuff out right away. I did have 5 things to mail when I got back. Four are on their way to their new owners. One I can’t find. That is so frustrating. I’m going to have to tear up my house tonight to find it.

I sold the Little Einsteins Pat Pat Rocket for $75.00 plus shipping this week. I was able to mail it right before I left for my trip so it should have arrived already. These are such a good, quick seller.

My only other good sale this past week was for two vintage Barbie dolls. I purchased them at the same time as the vintage Ken’s friend doll I mentioned here. These dolls were in bad condition. The Barbie was missing most of its hair and the Skipper doll had her bangs cut. I put them on auction for $15.00 and thought I would be lucky to get a bid. Final bid was for $57.56 plus shipping. It amazes me what people will pay for old toys. I always look for vintage Barbies when I’m out shopping. Unfortunately this is only the second time I have found them.

Now that I’m back from vacation it’s time to get to work. My vacation was great. Vegas was so hot! It was nice to be able to do adult things since my Princess stayed with Grandma. Drinking, dancing and gambling. But I missed my baby so much I called home every hour. Everyone who went on the trip are eBay sellers and our sales paid for our trip. Even when in Vegas if one of us picked up the tab for dinner or anything else we each Paypal that person our part of the bill. It is so easy. And it feels like you are spending “real” money since it doesn’t come from your bank account.

Since I haven’t listed and barely sold lately I am setting a goal for myself this week. I have Disneyland trip in two weeks I need to pay for. So my goal is to list 40 items this week and sell $150.00. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Lost My IPhone

I'm mourning the loss. I asked if I could take bereavement leave but it was denied. This morning I made a quick run to Big Lots. I was checking a text as I was walking down the aisle and left the phone sitting at the very top of my purse. Someone must have walked by and grabbed it when I wasn't looking. It wouldn't have been hard to do. It was very visible sitting right on top. I can't believe there are people out there who would do something like this. Worst part is that there are no available upgrades on the family account. So I called Jason and as I nicely begged for the upgrade he has on his account. Being the sweet boyfriend that he is he offered to drive almost 2 hours in traffic to take me to the AT&T store to get it. He ended up ordering it online next day air for me. I can't wait. I'm going through withdrawals!!

Growing up we never had cell phones. I had to beg and plead for almost a year for a walkman when I was young. I remember that the only girl in our class who's family had a home computer came from a family that owned a McDonalds franchise. We thought she was so lucky. These days you see everyone walking around with an "I" something. All my nieces and nephews have an IPod. Half have an IPhone. Even my 3 year old steals my phone and walks around with it playing games, taking pictures, watching cartoons. She figured out how to do Tango the other night and video messaged my niece. But this is normal for most people these days.

The worst part is that I use my phone for eBay. It tells me when I have a sale, a message, a bid, everything. I even use it to list when I'm not near a computer and have spare time. So today I have to remind myself to check eBay every hour. The depressing part is no sales.

I just keep reminding myself that in 3 days I will be in Vegas relaxing. I can't wait.

Remember next time your out shopping if you leave you purse sitting in the cart make sure it is zipped up all the way. I would hate for this to happen to someone else.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yard Sale Finds

I went to so many yard sales this morning I lost count. There was a community sale that one of my co-workers called me about this morning (everyone knows I love yard sales and I sell on eBay. I'm not shy about it). I packed everyone in the car (mom, nephew and Princess) and off we went. There must have been about 15-20 in this one neighborhood. But we must have gotten there too late because pickings were slim. I was able to purchase about a dozen character plush for a quarter each. Even if I only make a few dollars on them I don't mind. They were cheap and plush is so easy to list and mail. My only other purchase were 4 vintage dolls.

Here is one of them. He is a Barbie MOD Talking Brad Doll. He doesn't talk, he wasn't in great condition and he didn't have his original clothes. The same doll with original clothes sold recently for $35 so I figured I would list him for $20. Apparently that was a great price because he sold in less then a minute. You read that right. Less then a minute. He's on his way to Oregon now. Bye Brad. I still have to research the other dolls I bought. Hopefully they will be a fast turn around too.

After the neighborhood yard sales we stopped to get a bite to eat before heading to another part of town. My phone rang and I knew I should have ignored it. It was work. They needed me to come in. I hate when responsibility interrupts my play time. So after finishing our food we head home. On the way there we stopped at one more garage sale. And boy am I happy we did. Look what I found:

Little Einsteins Pat Pat Rocket complete with all 4 figures. I've only found one before. It sold for $55 but it only had one figure. I'm hoping this one sells quickly for a good amount. I have my fingers crossed.

I hope everyone else had a successful shopping weekend.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Personal Best

I listed 20 items today! Usually I'm lucky if I list 20 in one week. I challenged myself and it felt so good to do it. My sales have been nonexistent this week and I'm leaving to Vegas one week from Friday so I'm hoping the new listings will generate sales. One thing I listed this morning has already sold. Barbie furniture. I love selling Barbie furniture. Great selling rate. And it's so cute. Look at these ottomans. They are adorable.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Taking It Back To The Old School

It seems like everything makes a comeback. Especially the ‘80’s. I will admit that I am a child of the 80’s. Madonna, neon, big hair, and acid washed. That was all my era. Wow I feel old. Several weeks ago my mom (who I love but sometimes she leaves me speechless) came home with two pairs of jeans. She was all excited because they were new with tags and only cost a dollar for both. One was hideously ugly and no one would want it. The other though… well was also hideously ugly but this had some selling potential.

A brand new with tags (from Emporium which no longer exists) pair of Georges Marciano for Guess black acid wash jeans. They had the high waist AND the zipper ankle. I dreamed of a pair of these jeans when I was younger. My parents couldn’t afford it so I only got a knock off. And here it was almost 30 years later in my hands. I almost cried. See eventually dreams do come true! But once I snapped out of the flashbacks I realized that I might be able to sell these. So on eBay they went. I had just finished listing them for $20.00 plus shipping when I get a text from my niece “I WANT THOSE!! DON’T SELL THEM!!” But it was too late. They had already been sold. Hmm maybe I under priced them. According to my niece these jeans are making a comeback. Well there is always next time.

I always make sure when I’m out “shopping” if I see something that makes me reminisce about my past I look up it’s value. I’m not the only child of the ‘80’s and a lot of people want to relive their youth. Or like me they never got that one special piece of clothing, or doll, or accessory, or whatever “it” might be and they turn to eBay to finally own it. One of my first purchases on eBay was an original Gloworm. I slept with one every night for as long as I can remember when I was a child. I was talking to Mom about it one day and I jumped on the computer and bought a replacement. It was worth every penny I spent. So don’t pass over all that old stuff. I try not to. Like the floppy disks I wrote about here. They sold for $22.00 plus shipping. Not bad for a 10 cent investment.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's a Girl

No I'm not pregnant. But tomorrow I will officially be a mom to my beautiful Princess. It's been a long rocky road but I wouldn't change anything because I getting the best prize ever. My Andi. I have court at 11 am tomorrow to finalize the adoption. I'm actually nervous. But excited too. It's a a dream come true.

I hope everyone else is having a great month like I am.

Here's a pic of when I first met her over a year ago. My baby.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012