Monday, June 25, 2012

Sick As A ...Dog

I spent all last week sick as a “dog”. I can’t figure out who I caught my illness from. No one around me was sick except for my doggies. I kept looking at the accusingly but I’m pretty sure I didn’t get it from them.

To make matters worse not only was I sick but I was crazy busy. So eBay got put on the back burner and I only listed 3 items all week. My sales definitely reflected this. $82.00 for the whole entire week. But sometimes life happens. Like Monday I went to see my Uncle in the hospital, Tues I listed my only 3 items, Weds I had my concurrent parents cluster group, Thurs my illness kept me in bed most of the day (I only got up long enough to have the Parents As Teachers meeting), Friday we took the kids to the movies, Saturday I had a date, and Sunday I was too burnt out to think. I’m ok with a slow week because to be honest I didn’t even have much energy to mail things. And with eBay’s new one day shipping requirements I would have been in hot water. I am actually looking at this slow week as a good thing.

I did manage to squeeze in some yard saling. I didn’t find anything too exciting. I bought a bunch more plush. Nothing that’s going to make me a huge profit but I only paid a quarter or two per item so that’s ok. Plush are becoming my favorite things to sell because I can pick them up so cheap and are easy to list and mail. I also picked up some men’s shirts, a couple of long jean skirts I keep hearing are good sellers, a couple pairs of jeans, and this:

Remember these old floppy disks. I’m still not sure why I bought them except for the fact that there were ten cents for a case of 38 and I had a gut feeling. I looked them up and found these that sold for $50.00 but they were new sealed in box and had all 40. I listed mine for much less and I’m crossing my fingers that they sell. Just to prove that my gut can still pick things out on its own without an eBay app. Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck with the floppies! Hope you're feeling better!