Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Monday, December 9, 2013

It's Christmas Time

love selling Christmas decorations. It amazes me how much people will pay. Not me. I went to Dollar Tree to be non-breakable decorations this year because of the baby. Less then $20.00 and I decorated the entire tree, got paper, ribbon and tags. 

Best sale this week was selling my creepy Christmas caroler. Only one sold but it sold for ... $86.00! Can you believe that? Sandra Hasson Caroling Kids. Keep an eye out for them. And today I sold a lot of two Gail Laura 4" Christmas figures. Nothing special about them but they sold for $31.00. Another find from the same garage sale I bought the caroling kids from. 

The best thing is that these Christmas decorations will help make my Christmas a bit more special too. More money for me!!! 

Speaking of Christmas, we went and saw santa this week. My princess was so excited! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Oh Peanuts!

That is my Princess’ new favorite saying. Whenever something goes wrong or doesn’t go as planned you can hear her exclaim “Oh Peanuts”! I’m not sure where it came from but I find it adorable. But then again I find just about everything my daughter does adorable. I had a woman in swimming tap me on the shoulder earlier this week and tell me how her husband and her always comment to each other about what a pretty daughter I have. It was very unexpected and nice comment. I wish I could take credit but I can’t. I think she’s perfect and I’m the luckiest person in the world to have her.


No, my post isn’t about my daughter. I had an OH Peanuts moment recently. When I first looked up and listed the previously mentioned creepy holiday decorations there were several that had sold recently for $60-80.00 but none currently listed. I felt confident mine would sell for a good price. The next day after listing mine another seller listed two in a lot for less then mine and their listing isn’t closing until after mine. I already have a bid for $40.00 on one of my listings but none on the other. Now I don’t think they will do as well. Even if I only sell them for $40.00 I am happy with that profit but I was hoping for more. If only that other seller would have waited a few more days to list theirs. But I guess such is the life of eBay sales and friendly competition.



Monday, December 2, 2013

Kinda Creepy

This weekend we went out as a family for our 3rd annual cut our own Christmas tree outing. This is one of those things I want to make a family tradition for as long as possible. I think traditions are important. I don't have too many with my family but the ones I have are very special.

When we got home J got out some boxes marked Christmas. We have his and hers decorations and very few ours so we weren't sure what we would find. One of the storage boxes contained some decorations I picked up early this year at a yard sale. The yard sale was held in the back yard of this home and the yard was filled with tons and tons of treasures. I bought a mountain of stuff (literally a mountain) and only paid about $30 for all of it. Have already sold about $200 worth throughout the year of things I purchased that day. The Christmas items I purchased got put away and forgotten. As I pulled out the items out of one of the boxes J exclaimed "that's kinda creepy". I have to admit it was but in quaint old fashion Christmas kind of way.

As I have been known to do with everything that comes in this house I looked up the item before deciding to use or sell. These creepy cute decorations have sold for $60. Off to the for sell pile they went. 

I have two old fashion carolers listed separately for $40 and I already have a bid on one. One persons creepy is another's christmas decoration. 

An update on my great find. The stress control thingy sold for $275 plus shipping. My second highest sale to date on eBay. I wish I could turn $2 into $275 every week.