Monday, December 9, 2013

It's Christmas Time

love selling Christmas decorations. It amazes me how much people will pay. Not me. I went to Dollar Tree to be non-breakable decorations this year because of the baby. Less then $20.00 and I decorated the entire tree, got paper, ribbon and tags. 

Best sale this week was selling my creepy Christmas caroler. Only one sold but it sold for ... $86.00! Can you believe that? Sandra Hasson Caroling Kids. Keep an eye out for them. And today I sold a lot of two Gail Laura 4" Christmas figures. Nothing special about them but they sold for $31.00. Another find from the same garage sale I bought the caroling kids from. 

The best thing is that these Christmas decorations will help make my Christmas a bit more special too. More money for me!!! 

Speaking of Christmas, we went and saw santa this week. My princess was so excited! 


  1. Nice sale on the caroler! Normally I pay no attention to Christmas stuff at sales. Maybe I should take a closer look.
    Your girls are so cute! Oh, and the Dollar Tree is the greatest store ever!

  2. It's so funny sometimes what will sell and what doesn't. Sure feels great when you hit one of those jackpots. BTW, I thought that caroler was kind of creepy too!

  3. Ha I love how your girls are more into the candy than the Santa! The Dollar Tree's stuff gets cuter every year.

  4. Love that picture. It's precious. Congrats on the sales!

  5. Hey Veronica, I buy Bar Keeper's Friend at Shoprite although I see it at most supermarkets near the cleaning supplies. I updated my post with a picture in case you want a visual :)