Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Halloween

Actually we are on our way to Disney on Ice. My princess outfit was $2.00 and little nuggets was $1.00 at a garage sale. Love to save.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


My Princess' big day. And in a true saving fashion the dress was $2.00 from a garage sale. Sshh don't tell! And the rosary was from wonderful Lorraine. Unfortunately it's sprinkling and cold outside after having 90 degree days all week so party has been moved inside. But we just roll with the punches.

Hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend too!

Monday, October 15, 2012

HoHoHo Merry Christmas

OK I know it's still October. And I am far from ready for Christmas. But today I sold my first ugly Christmas sweater. I bought it for 50¢ several months ago. And it sold really quickly, only had it listed 2 days. This weekend I finally got around to cleaning and organizing the garage so I was finally able to get it listed. I still have around 6 more sweaters to list hopefully before Santa has come and gone.

Friday, October 12, 2012

New Adventures

Here is my first package to Amazon FBA. I finally took the plunge. I actually have another box to send. If they all sell I will make about $250.00 on all the stuff. Love the fact that you can send it to them and don't need to store everything yourself. I will let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It Really Is A Small World

Most of the wonderful treasures I sell eBay never stay close to home. Very few even stay in California. Which I kinda enjoy. I love looking up where my packages are going (time permitting of course). I'm even more excited when it goes out of the country. It feels good to know that my little item is going to be traveling to exotic places that I will probably never get to visit. It's almost like a little part of my will be there.

Last Friday though my sister showed up at work with a package. She handed it to me and said "I emailed the buyer. He will be by to pick up this package at 9 am." Of course I looked at her like she was crazy. But she was out the door too fast for me to protest. We actually get a lot of walk in customers so someone coming in wasn't a big deal. And everyone at work knows I eBay (I'm not shy about it). But I felt a little like I was performing an illegal transaction. "You got the stuff?" "Yeah. You got the money?" Ok so it didn't go down like that. He was a very nice gentleman. He was very thankful I let him (he thought I was the seller) pick up the pants. He wanted to wear them that night to a concert. And I was happy I was able to help him out (or guess I should say help my sister out).

Selling on eBay I think I sometimes forget that not all buyers are so far away. People in my little town do buy and sell. And I have seen sellers in the past. The other day I saw a guy at the post office with about 10 packages. I'm pretty sure those weren't all to his relatives. But the closest item I have ever sold was to San Jose, CA. About an hour drive away.

Anyone else have something stay locally?

(That's me right there. The red dot.)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

Hello my name is Veronica and I'm a hoarder. It might be time to call the television crew in.

This weekend I painted and re-arranged my living room. I spent 2 days on it and was sore by the time I was done (well mostly done). Luckily mom and sister took turns watching my Princess and little Nugget as the wonderful blogger at The Butter Ninja (I can't believe I don't know her name) referred to the baby. She wrote a post recently about being a craft hoarder and the funny thing is that I read it right after I had finished with my living room and had a discussion with Mom.

I was happy and feeling accomplished at the living room until Mom came up to me and said "Nice job. Is the garage (a.k.a the eBay room) next?" My response was "I'm getting to that." To which to proceeded to drag me into the garage and tell me "Watch out don't trip over that hundred dollar bill there. Or that one over there." No I do not have money all over my garage. At least not literally. But figuratively yes I do. Her point was each stack of treasures I have waiting to list on eBay is at least a hundred worth of merchandise if it was sold. And it won't get sold unless it gets listed. I tried to ignore her and sat down on my couch to catch up on blogs and I read The Butter Ninja's post. It was almost like she was yelling at me too (ok maybe that was just my guilt creeping up).

Of course I have a million excuses. I have a 3 year old and a baby. I work full time. I am busy. Last night I didn't get home until almost 8 pm. After work I took my girls to an appointment. Got home long enough to get my Princess dressed for gymnastics (a make up class). Then off to Target we went for more formula. Today is Parents as Teachers for my Princess. Tomorrow is PTA and ballet. Thursday it's more gymnastics. Friday I have a meeting with one of the social workers. I barely have time to breathe.

So my goal this week is to tackle my eBay room. To get it organized. Purge stuff that isn't selling, List as much as I can. Make it look presentable. Even if I only do 15 minutes here and there when I get a chance it's something and will add up. And if I don't start then I will never finish.

I'm curious how other people get motivated and keep up with it all. Everyone is so busy. Am I the only lazy one?

(I was going to include a picture of the garage but I was afraid it would give people nightmares).

Friday, October 5, 2012

Making New ...Friends

My Princess is finally being baptized later this month. My niece keeps teasing they are going to tell us we are in the wrong service. That the first communion service is the following week. At 3 years old my Princess will definitely be the oldest one there.

This weekend I went looking for all of the "props" needed for the baptism: a candle, rosary, children's bible. etc. I walked into a local store and was surrounded by religious articles and the first thing I thought of was Lorraine from We Are CLAMCO. No she isn't some crazy religious lady. She just sells religious stuff on eBay. Like this Agnus Dei she wrote about here. She ended up selling it for a pretty penny.

I grew up in a Hispanic Catholic family. My mom has had a candle lit for the Virgin Mary every day for as long as I can remember. You need a miracle? There is some Saint you can pray to. Mom knows them all. But there have been so many things Lorraine has sold that I didn't know existed. A personal holy water container? You never want go be caught without some handy.

It's funny because I follow so many blogs and I feel like I know the people who write them. Like they are new friends. You are happy for their success (even if you are a little bit jealous sometimes), learn new things from them all the time, and keep in touch through the blogs. So it was only a little weird when I turned to my niece and said "Oh Lorraine sold a vintage one of these on eBay". To which she responded "Who is Loraine?"