Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It Really Is A Small World

Most of the wonderful treasures I sell eBay never stay close to home. Very few even stay in California. Which I kinda enjoy. I love looking up where my packages are going (time permitting of course). I'm even more excited when it goes out of the country. It feels good to know that my little item is going to be traveling to exotic places that I will probably never get to visit. It's almost like a little part of my will be there.

Last Friday though my sister showed up at work with a package. She handed it to me and said "I emailed the buyer. He will be by to pick up this package at 9 am." Of course I looked at her like she was crazy. But she was out the door too fast for me to protest. We actually get a lot of walk in customers so someone coming in wasn't a big deal. And everyone at work knows I eBay (I'm not shy about it). But I felt a little like I was performing an illegal transaction. "You got the stuff?" "Yeah. You got the money?" Ok so it didn't go down like that. He was a very nice gentleman. He was very thankful I let him (he thought I was the seller) pick up the pants. He wanted to wear them that night to a concert. And I was happy I was able to help him out (or guess I should say help my sister out).

Selling on eBay I think I sometimes forget that not all buyers are so far away. People in my little town do buy and sell. And I have seen sellers in the past. The other day I saw a guy at the post office with about 10 packages. I'm pretty sure those weren't all to his relatives. But the closest item I have ever sold was to San Jose, CA. About an hour drive away.

Anyone else have something stay locally?

(That's me right there. The red dot.)


  1. I always like it when my items stay in Oregon. It doesn't happen all that often. A few months back I had two sales a couple weeks apart that went just across town! There are around 150,000 people where I live, so not tiny, but still - random.

  2. Hi Veronica,

    The coolest thing ever is to be able to see the actually house that your shipment is going to. We recently sent out 2 items, one was to England and 1 was to Switzerland. I put in the address into Google maps and it showed me a picture of the actual house...freaky, but oh so cool!!! My kids loved seeing how different things look in other countries.

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

    1. Andi doesn't seem to care what I'm mailing or where it's going. She only cares about why Mommy is putting her toy in the box.

    2. boys are a bit older.....7, 10 & 13 so they're taking a little more interest in it! :)