Friday, October 5, 2012

Making New ...Friends

My Princess is finally being baptized later this month. My niece keeps teasing they are going to tell us we are in the wrong service. That the first communion service is the following week. At 3 years old my Princess will definitely be the oldest one there.

This weekend I went looking for all of the "props" needed for the baptism: a candle, rosary, children's bible. etc. I walked into a local store and was surrounded by religious articles and the first thing I thought of was Lorraine from We Are CLAMCO. No she isn't some crazy religious lady. She just sells religious stuff on eBay. Like this Agnus Dei she wrote about here. She ended up selling it for a pretty penny.

I grew up in a Hispanic Catholic family. My mom has had a candle lit for the Virgin Mary every day for as long as I can remember. You need a miracle? There is some Saint you can pray to. Mom knows them all. But there have been so many things Lorraine has sold that I didn't know existed. A personal holy water container? You never want go be caught without some handy.

It's funny because I follow so many blogs and I feel like I know the people who write them. Like they are new friends. You are happy for their success (even if you are a little bit jealous sometimes), learn new things from them all the time, and keep in touch through the blogs. So it was only a little weird when I turned to my niece and said "Oh Lorraine sold a vintage one of these on eBay". To which she responded "Who is Loraine?"


  1. That's so funny Veronica! I'm lol-ing out loud all by myself here. I too think of you when I see Hawaiian shirts. I think of all the other ebay bloggers as well when I'm out shopping. I share their stories with my hubby and so now he knows all about your new baby, Jessica's outbuilding, Crystal's bathroom, and April's condo. He knows who Dude and Scott are too. Wouldn't it be fun if we could all get together in one place and meet in person?

    By the way, let me know if you still need a rosary. I have a little white one I can send you (no charge).

    Thanks so much for the mention in your post! That's two posts today that mention me. I'm speechless!

  2. I'm with Lorraine we would all have one fantastic get together!

  3. I love reading about you, your princess, and your new little nugget.