Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm In a Rut

I started selling again on eBay almost a year ago. At first it was exciting. Everything I listed was auction. When I got a bid I would almost jump up and down for join. I have certainly lost that loving feeling.

I began selling the way I think most people do. I went around my house and got rid of things. I had a goal in mind (a new Iphone) so I was highly motivated. Once I reached that goal (much quicker then I was expecting) I had a new goal. I need to get my doggies fixed. That is one of my doggies on my profile picture wearing the cone of shame. The goals continued and so did the selling. I started looking for items to sell at yard sales and thrift stores and often got lucky.

I remember coming home from Savers with a bag of little toy figures. I had no idea what they were but for a couple bucks I was excited to find out. I opened the bag and after some research found out they were called Battle Beasts and they sold for $36.00. Not one of my biggest sales but certainly one of my favorites.

Since I began selling I have gone from selling mostly kids clothing, to toys, to jeans, to woman's clothing, to plush and now I'm selling mostly men's clothing. There is no guess work in it men's clothing. I know what brands to look for. I know about what they will sell for. No excitement.

How do you keep going every day? Do you ever get bored? Feel like quiting?

She's the reason I won't quit. I don't want her to ever need for anything. So off to measure some jeans and list more products I go.

Oh on a very positive note, the adoption papers have been sent! Hopefully my Princess will really be mine before the year comes to a close.


  1. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful and you look amazing together. I hope all goes well.

  2. OMG! That photo of the two of you is wonderful! So much love!
    As for Ebay, yes I get bored and frustrated, that is until I find that one interesting item that gets me some serious cash and I get re-invigorated again. I'm a small seller, so I list far fewer things than you because I simply can't handle more than 12-25 active listings at a time. I know my limitations so I stay within my boundaries, mostly because I have a fear of making mistakes. The part that really gets me down is all the sourcing trips and coming home with very little. It's getting exhausting. I'm very picky about what I buy to resell and it's harder to find things at a good price these days. Maybe you should take a break from Ebay for a few days. That's what I'm doing.