Friday, June 15, 2012

Raising Another Generation of Thrifters

Yesterday I played hooky (sshh don’t tell) and took the kids to the $1.00 movies. After the movies my nieces turns to me and says “Auntie are we going to yard sales now?” I told her that no we weren’t because today was Thursday not Friday.I usually take every 3rd Friday off and we go to garage sales so to her the fact I was home meant yard sales. That’s just a part of life.

How addicted to thrifting and eBay am I? I have a code word for my niece and nephews when they go shopping with me. We certainly don’t want people to know I’m reselling their merchandise so when they spot something they think might be a good sale they ask “Do you think Grandma will like this?” Grandma being code for eBay. I often wonder if people think it’s weird that "Grandma" plays with so many kids toys.

At least once a week one of my nieces or nephews will come with me with an object and ask “Do you think this will sell on eBay?” So we look it up on my app and they decide whether they want to part with it. They never actually want to part with their items but at least they are thinking about it. 

I would like to be able to say that I was frugal and resourceful at their age. But not even close. I was the youngest of 4 children and spoiled rotten by my dad. At that point in our lives he was making a really good living so I got everything my heart desired. I got a huge quinceañera (a Mexican version of a sweet 16 but at age 15), a brand new Honda Accord for my 16th birthday, senior trips, designer purses, clothes. You name it, I got it. As much as I loved it I realize that I never want my Princess to grow up like that. I want her to appreciate everything what she has in her life. That you have to work for things. A budget is your friend. That life it’s about what you don’t have but what you do. Like a great family, your health, a roof over head, and a little something extra every once in a while.

I am very proud to be part of raising the next generation of thrifters!

Oh almost forget. Goal update:

Goal: Sell $250.00. So far I’ve sold $140. I’ve already surpassed last week. List 30 items. I’ve listed 18 so far.


  1. My oldest two have the yard sale bug now. Last week my oldest picked up a new box of discontinued Legos and not oly did he negotiate by himself to get a price of $9 down from $15 but he purchased them specifically to put on Ebay. I was very impressed with my 7 year old Lego loving boy. His response to my praise was- I'm going to use the money to buy one of the big sets I really want. Lucky for him his set should sell for $50+.
    Good job on raising some thrifty and adorable tots!

  2. When we had our garage sale, we had a couple of teen girls that came with their mom and they had their purses with them, bought their own things and looked like they were seasoned yard salers. I think it's great that some young people are learning to appreciate the value of things and know a deal when they see one.

  3. I'm with you on teaching them young to be thrifty - and teaching them about money and a budget. It's not painful to save & be thrifty, it's empowering! You will be doing your kids a HUGE favor to teach them young.............I teach my nieces/nephews about ebay and sometimes let them list an item (take pictures, measure, type description, and then I give them the sale $$, minus what I paid for it. Last sale my niece made $40 off a pair of shoes! She loved it! So they may just start their own ebay "shop" before too long! Love the "do you think Grandma would like this?" code! Too funny!