Friday, December 7, 2012

I'm Famous

Now don't be asking for any autographs. More on that later.

So my adventure into Amazon is going well. I have sold almost everything I had listed. But the fees are way more then eBay. I didn't pay a lot for what I listed so I'm still making a good profit. And I love
the convenience. I shipped everything to FBA and when something sells I get an email telling me it has been shipped.

On the eBay front things are slow. Including my listing. But life is so complicate lately. I did sell the Hanna Anderson jacket I listed.

Now on to my brush with fame. Apparently I'm a horrible person. Yep you might want to deny knowing me. Baby's daddy was on TV last week saying how his daughter was ripped from their arms for no reason and he's worried about her safely. That their are constantly bruises and bites on baby and she is always dirty. Luckily he doesn't know my name so I wasn't actually named in the newscast. Needless to say with all of this happening I haven't had time to think of a wedding. But are hoping for January 12, 2013.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful season and are selling like crazy.


  1. Why would they even put him on the news? Obviously Children's Services takes children away for a reason...

  2. OMG, this is terrible. I hope that children's services is supporting and defending you. You were such an angel to take in that beautiful baby, how could he get away with saying those things?

  3. What a shmuck.Must be a slow news week.
    Hopefully,that sweet little nugget didn't inherit any of daddy's need for imagined drama.

    I'm glad those aren't the only criteria for keeping a child.My four year old also constantly has bruises,bites and is dirty.He's a kid, he's constantly outside,he's a daredevil,and despite my warnings he won't leave the cat alone.