Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What Did The Bird Say ...

... When it flew over Kmart? Cheap, cheap, cheap.

OK that’s an old joke from my youth. But the bird would also say the same thing while flying over me. I will admit that 90% of our family’s clothing comes from yard sales. I just can’t spend a ton of money on clothing that is going to get ripped, or torn, or stained, or spit up on within a few (sometimes one) times being worn. That doesn’t mean that my babies don’t look adorable.

Ella’s dress was $1.00. It is officially her holiday dress.

Andi’s outfit was $3.00 including the backpack, pants and top.

This one was $2.00.

But just because I don’t like to spend money on my daughters clothes doesn’t mean that other people don’t. It always amazes me how much parents will spend on brand name clothing.

Today I’m listing this Hanna Andersson jacket. I paid a dollar for it. Unfortunately it didn’t fit my daughters. But Hanna Andersson sells really well on eBay. Moms love this brand. I can always spot it when I’m out because they have such bright, floral prints. Before I list anything Hanna Andersson I always try to find the style name first. My favorite site id is http://megancrown.com/hannafannas.com/index.html . I can’t always find what I’m looking for but 9 out of 10 times it’s there. And it helps. I once listed a dress for 2 months with little interest. I looked up the style and included it in my title and listing and it sold within a week for $5.00 more then I originally had it listed for.

Another brand that has sold well for me is Lilly Pulitzer. Very cute and adorable prints but I never find anything in my daughters size. I’ve had good luck finding style id’s for this brand at http://home.comcast.net/~sweet36/site/ .

Of course my favorite brand is Matilda Jane. I think their clothing is absolutely adorable and sells incredibly well but I have only found it twice in over a year that I’ve been looking.

Does anyone else sell children’s clothing? What brand sell well for you?


  1. OMG-your nugget looks like a doll.I love those fat little cheeks.I could just eat her with a spoon.
    And your princess is adorable-she is going to be quite the heartbreaker.
    Love it!!

  2. Oh the baby is such a sweetie pie. I love that little flower! I'm so happy she's doing well. Andi seems to be growing up so fast! Does she like school?

  3. Your princesses are adorable. I'm a bargain yard sale mommy too in fact my older daughter had that Hanna coat I bought it at a consignment store for $8, it's now in a bin waiting foru second daughter to wear it,