Friday, September 28, 2012

Say Cheese

When I was growing up my family had a Polaroid camera and I loved it. We used to fight over who got to shake it. Being the baby in the family I usually won. I was not ashamed to take advantage of my status. We didn't get to use it very often because film was so expensive. But it got pulled out of the closet a few times a year. And if you flip through our family photo album you will probably see a pic or two where I'm sporting some bell bottoms.

I still enjoy Polaroid cameras but for totally different reasons. Now I buy them to sell on eBay. I can usually pick them up for a dollar or two and sell them for more then $20. I'm happy with that kind of profit. I always make sure I put in the listing that I don't have the film to test the camera and pictures of everything. I haven't had a problem yet. But a warning that these usually sit for over a month or two.

What's even better and more profitable then selling Polaroid cameras? The film of course. I always pick this up when I see it. I usually pay about a quarter each package. I have even seen it in the free pile. In the day of digital everything most people think this is useless junk. The film usually sells within a week for me. They don't make it anymore so just a warning that most you will find will be expired. But that doesn't seem to bother buyers. I always include the expiration date in the listing and they still buy it. Sometimes I'm truly amazed at what people will buy. And grateful. Isn't eBay amazing?

Just remember useless electronics aren't always as useless as people think.

I was going to include a pic of my latest Polaroid find but instead I'm putting a pic of my Princess saying cheese. Much better.


  1. I just found a Barbie Polaroid last week but paid more that a dollar. I think it was $3 I found a Rainbow one at GW once but the price was $24.99 I passed

  2. I only sold one that was really old but in like new condition. It was a huge and weighed about 2 pounds. I think I got $33 for it.
    Great smile!!! :)