Tuesday, September 4, 2012


As I wrote about here I sell a lot of Hawaiian men’s shirts. I am far from an expert on what sells. But like I always say ugly, oops I mean unique sells. The shirt I listed on that same post was very unique. It was 100% silk but not in the normal Tommy Bahama 100% silk fabric. This one was really thin. I looked the brand, Avanti,  up my eBay app and noticed that the brand had a good sell through rate. But the amount it sold for ranged greatly. So I listed my shirt for $25.00. I had a feeling I was under pricing it but I had never heard or sold this brand before and I need money for my Disney trip at the end of the month. It sold right away. I made sure to make a note of this brand to keep my eyes open for it. And last Friday I found two more shirts.

Aren’t they unique? I listed them for $35.00 and they both sold to the same person the very next day. I finally looked them up and these shirts are selling between $60-90.00 new online. Not the most expensive Hawaiian shirts on the market but they are cool looking. I will continue to look for these on my shopping expediations. And if you happen to see any on your shopping trip I would recommend picking them up.


  1. Thanks for the tips on the hawaiian shirts. Will keep my eyes open for them.

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

  2. Replies
    1. I have too many trips coming up to give up yet! Disney this month and a cruise in November. And those lottery tickets just aren't paying for me.