Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween and a Jinxed Listing

Doc McStuffins and Lambie!

Maybe it's something about the time of year but I have had the worst luck on a listing for a Ralph Lauren men's shirt. I have stopped buying every RL shirt I find because the market is saturated. But this one had a big logo and decals so I knew it would sell well. Also BOLO for really large sizes because they sell quickly and for good money. 

This particular shirt I listed on auction first. It sold for $37.99 plus shipping. I paid $2.00 so I was happy with that. But the buyer never paid. Listed of BIN for the same price the second time and it sold within 2 days. Again buyer never paid. Thirds times a charm right? I listed it again and it sold within 3 days. I actually had someone in town email me if they could buy it and pick it up but someone else bought it before I could respond. This time when I opened an UPI after waiting a week for payment the buyer paid. Unfortunately when a buyer doesn't pay and you open an UPI case it takes time before you can relist. You would think this listing would have a happy ending since I finally got payment. But no. Since its been a while since I originally listed it and I expected to mail it out quickly I didn't store it where I usually would and now I can't find. So tonight I have to tear apart my eBay room to find it. With my luck I will find it, mail it, and it will get lost in the mail. I feel like this shirt is that jinxed. 

Anyone else ever have a bad listing? 


  1. I am so glad to see that Lambie is still with you! I hope you found the shirt!

  2. Love Doc and Lambie! My boys love that show. :-)

    I had a similar situation (missing item) this morning. I sold a Christmas cookie cutter, and when I went to package it up I couldn't find it. I have a vague memory of selling it a few months back and the "buyer" never paying (before I switched to immediate payment required). I must have pulled the item out, packaged it up anticipating payment which never came, and then I didn't get it put back in the right place. I have moved since then so I have No Idea where it might be. I ordered a replacement from Amazon and had it sent directly to the buyer.