Friday, November 22, 2013

Great Find

Since I work full time and always have a bunch of errands to run at lunch I don't usually go to yard sales on Friday. Today I got J to run my errand for me so at lunch I decided to go by the only sale in the area I found. And am I glad I did. 

J actually met me there (we are a yard saling couple) which was good because I hate shopping on my own. There was a box on the table that I had never seen before. I read the cover of the box and turned to J and said "this is perfect for you!" It was a box for Alpha-Stim SCS stress control system. I put it back down on the table and proceeded to look around to see what else they were selling. But something kept nagging me about that box so I decided to look it up on eBay. I almost knocked down an old lady and two kids in my race to get back to the table to get the box. I casually asked the owner how much and she answered $2.00. I quickly paid her and almost did cartwheels on the way back to my car. 

Here are some currently listed:



  1. Wow! Please let us know how much you get for it!

    1. I put it on auction and its at $200 with several days left. Hopefully I get more but I'm happy with that even if I get no more bids.

  2. Wow! What a great find! I would have never known! Hope you get lots for it! ~~Pam

  3. HOLY COW! Thats such an amazing find. Please post how it did!