Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shopping Trip

Today at lunch I decided to hit a couple of the local thrift stores. With only an hour I had to do some quick shopping. I only ended up buying three things and two I'm keeping for Christmas. 

The first item that I'm going to list is a new Carter's Teething ring. I didn't bother looking it up but for a dollar I know I can at least triple my money. 

For my princess I bought this Lego Disney Planes set. New in box (box is slightly beat up) for $2.00. This is going to get wrapped up and is going under the tree. 

My favorite find was a Leapfrog Laugh and Learn table new in box for the baby for only ... $5.00!!! I opened the box to make sure nothing was broken and put batteries in it and it is ADORABLE! 

Am I the only cheap ... Oops I mean frugal mom that gives gifts they find at thrift stores and yard sales?


  1. My kids are much older but I find thrift store presents ALL THE TIME! My middle son turns 21 Friday so I sent a box to him at college, one of his presents was a Patagonia patterened fleece pullover that I found at the Savers for 7.99 (with my coupon it was about $5.00) He has actually wanted one for a few months. I wrapped that sucker in a hot second and sent it for his birthday today! Love thrifted gifts and I don't mind one little bit if people buy me thrifted gifts either.

    1. I love that! Those shirts are not cheap. Great find. I'm sure your son will be very happily surprised.

  2. Just today I bought my youngest a new slingshot with foam balls from Goodwill for $2.99.That sucker's going in his stocking.
    For my daughter the artist,I found a big zippered portfolio for $4 and a brand new set of chalks for $1 at the thrift store.
    It does depend on the person.I wouldn't give thrifted items to my MIL just because a)she's kinda snooty about thrifted items and b)she's real picky.Almost everyone else though,I've given a thrifted gift at one point or another and no complaints yet.