Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So I set weekly goals last week. I tried really hard to get them all completed. But I fell a little short. Here is how I did:

Motherly goals -

1) Take my Princess and niece and nephews to Santa Cruz Boardwalk this weekend (been trying to take them all summer) Didn't make it to Santa Cruz. They decided on Monterey instead.

2) Work on Colors with Princess. We aren't doing very well on them We worked on them but we still have more work to do

3)Take Princess for a walk after dinner (trying to take advantage of the nice weather). This also helps with the colors (red truck, green tree, blue car ...)
4) Spend more quality time with Princess. There never seems to be enough time

Saving Goals-

1) Actually make it CVS and Walgreens this week to use my coupons and build stockpile I actually made it to both stores last week. WOO HOO!!

2) List more things on eBay. If I'm not listing then I'm not selling. My goal is to have 40 things listed this week. I have 19 so far I didn't complete this goal. I only got to 32 items. My Princess didn't nap on Saturday and that was when I was planning on doing most of my listing.

3) Put more money in my emergency fund. I have $250 so far. My goal is $1000. I was able to put $45 dollars into my fund!!

Personal Goals-

1) Attend Monthly cluster group for concurrent parents I did attend and I'm glad I did. It's good to be around people that understand what you are going thru.

2) Organize garage I didn't even attempt this

3) Get my hair done (I need it). Sometimes I forget to take time for myself Done! No more grown out roots or dry ends.

4) Send thank you note to Patty Done

5)Work on on dealing, forgiving and letting go of hurt feelings caused by Princess's family criticizing my parenting skills. I will pray on this. I feel much better about this

6) Check in with April. Her recently had a heart attack. Miss them both so much. She's my sister from another mister. My BFF. I haven't been able to make contact with her. But I will keep trying.

This weeks goals:

Motherly Goals:

1) Work more on colors. Find better strategies.

2) Go to the pumpkin patch this weekend

3) Spend quality time with my Princess

Saving Goals:

1) Put more money in my emergency fund

2) List 40 Items on eBay total (minimum)

Personal Goals:

1) Organize garage (this sounds familiar)

2) Try to contact April

3) Wake up 30 minutes early to have some alone time

Hopefully I will do better this week.


  1. If you dont mind me asking what is a monthly cluster group for concurrent parents? Good job on getting to your goals Good luck for this week

  2. My Princess is my foster daughter. I am a concurrent foster mom. If she isn't reunited with her birth mom she automatically moves towards adoption with me. A group of concurrent foster parents meet once a month to share stories, worries, advice, a shoulder to cry on or celebrate together. It helps to know we are all in the same boat and all praying for what is best for the child.