Thursday, September 1, 2011


This week I haven't had a chance to go shopping to use my coupons. I don't do as well as the ladies (and a few gentlemen) on Extreme Couponing but any little bit saved comes in handy.

Money Saving Mom is the first place I usually look for coupon match ups. They have most of the local stores. But beware that the match ups might not reflect the store policy we have locally. For example, Safeway locally doesn't double coupons but in other States they double and sometimes triple the coupons so it's easier to get free or cheap items.

I play the drug store game for coupons though weekly (or try to) because you can get really good deals on those. One of my favorite sites to check on the local deals is Passionate Penny Pincher because not only does she give you the weekly match ups but she will also give you scenarios to use so you get the best deals. Less thinking for me is always a good thing.

Now if only I would stop losing my coupons.

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