Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yard Sale Finds

This weekend was a bust for yard sales. There were quite a few but most of the stuff they were selling was either too expensive or too old/used. I was able to find a couple of things to sell.

I've read on eBay underground that hot rollers are a good thing to sell on eBay. People buy them for use a pageants especially. I found this set still in the box with the original instructions for $2.00. Hopefully they will sell.

I also found two of these new in package Wilton Wedding  Cake Cathedral Kit for $1.00. I've already sold one of these for $38.99 BIN. Who knew people liked to bake. I don't think I've used my oven since I moved in a year ago.

At Savers I found this vintage 1978 Superman Underoos. I almost cried when I saw them because they brought back so many memories but mostly because they made me feel old. I couldn't find this exact one sold on eBay but hopefully it will sell well.

I also bought my Princess a couple of Childrens Place outfits and a few dresses for a dollar each..

How was your yard saling?

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  1. great finds I love the superman underoos I am also an ebay underground member :-)

  2. Do you still have the cathedral cake kit?

    1. No sorry. They both sold really quickly.