Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I met with Parents As Teachers for my Princess' twice monthly meeting. Before Diane (the wonderful PAT teacher) left she asked me what my goals for the next two weeks are. I paused and had to think. I have goals in mind but I never bother to write them down or even speak them out load. She reminded me that you are more likely to try harder to reach your goals if you don't keep them to myself. So I'm going to share mine:

Weekly Goals:

Motherly goals -

1) Take my Princess and niece and nephews to Santa Cruz Boardwalk this weekend (been trying to take them all summer)

2) Work on Colors with Princess. We aren't doing very well on them

3) Take Princess for a walk after dinner (trying to take advantage of the nice weather). This also helps with the colors (red truck, green tree, blue car ...)

4) Spend more quality time with Princess. There never seems to be enough time

Saving Goals-

1) Actually make it CVS and Walgreens this week to use my coupons and build stockpile

2) List more things on eBay. If I'm not listing then I'm not selling. My goal is to have 40 things listed this week. I have 19 so far

3) Put more money in my emergency fund. I have $250 so far. My goal is $1000.

Personal Goals-

1) Attend Monthly cluster group for concurrent parents

2) Organize garage

3) Get my hair done (I need it). Sometimes I forget to take time for myself

4) Send thank you note to Patty

5) Work on dealing, forgiving and letting go of hurt feelings caused by Princess's family criticizing my parenting skills. I will pray on this.

6) Check in with April. Her husband recently had a heart attack. Miss them both so much. She's my sister from another mister. My BFF.

Not too big of a list.

Hopefully I can cross something off my goals list next week.

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  1. Great idea to list your goals. I've done it withy savings goals but listing the other goals is a great idea. Let us know how it goes. I totally understand feeling like you are not taking care of yourself. Get that hair done thus week, you deserve it!