Wednesday, September 21, 2011

eBay Sales

So last week I pushed myself to get more stuff listed. If it's not listed it can't sell. I guess having more stuff listed really worked because I sold several items.

Flounder sold. I bought this costume several weeks ago. He was listed BIN for about 2 1/2 weeks. I bought him for $3.00 and sold him for $60. Gotta love Little Mermaid!!

I sold a Robosapien robot I bought several weeks ago. This I listed auction. I only got one bid. Bought it for $10 and he sold for $35. I'm happy with that.

I bought an American Girl dress for $0.50 and it sold for $11.00. This is a child's dress not a doll dress. I didn't even know they made real clothing.

I bought a girls Gap winter jacket several weeks ago for $1.00. Sold for $22 BIN.

Finally sold the last of the Kiddle dolls I bought the same weekend as Flounder. Paid $2 for 3 of these vintage dolls. They sold for a total of $33.

I sold a Wilton wizard cake pan I picked up at a garage sale for $2 for $25. I'm still amazed people actually bake. I really need to turn on my oven one of these days.

My favorite item sold was a model for an airport I found at a church sale two weeks ago. It was sealed in the box so I wasn't sure it was complete. For $2 I took a chance. It was complete! I took a $75 best offer on it.

This was my best sales week since I started eBaying again. So the moral to this story is ... List more!!!

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  1. congrats on your sales. This was my best week on ebay as well even though my Hidden Mickey Duffy bear sold for a measley $9.99. Thanks for sharing your sales. It helps to know what items are selling so one does not pass them up.