Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Princess

My Princess is the love of my life. I will admit she is slightly spoiled. But I've waited and wanted her for so many years that I go a little overboard sometimes.

You see I can't have children. My ex and I figured that out after trying for many years. I was very sad and discouraged. But after a lot of tears and praying I finally realized that even if I couldn't have a child that didn't mean I would remain childless forever. There were lots of children who need some one like me.

I started the adoption process in OC. But after my ex and I separated I moved back to Salinas. It took me a while to settle in to my new life. Once I was settled my family encouraged me to continue trying to adopt even if I was single. I was apprehensive at first. But after a lot of discussions and praying I decided to try again.

The process from orientation to getting a child took a year. Mostly because in the middle of the process I had to put it on hold to find a home for us.

On January 21 I received a call that there was 20 month old little girl. I was given the details about her family and the reason she was removed. I agreed to meet her the next day and fell in love on the spot.

This has been a difficult process and it's far from over. When you try to adopt a child through the county you are a concurrent foster home at first. Even though the social services is trying to reunify the child with their parent(s) if they determine that there is a chance the child will not be returned to the parents they want the child in a home where they can move straight to adoption if and when parental rights are terminated. Sometimes a child is returned to their parents after being in a concurrent home for an extended period of time. I know couples this has happened to and its heartbreaking. Unfortunately its a chance you take.

We go to court next month for my Princess and the social worker is recommending termination of parental rights. Part of me feels bad because I'm "taking" (or hoping to take) a child away from her parents. But I remind myself that my Princess was removed for a reason and that had nothing to do with me. I want the best for her. And if her parents aren't able to turn their lives around to give her a good home I'm blessed God put her In my life to provide a good life for her.

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