Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weekly Goals and Update

I guess it's time to see how I did on my goals this week. I'm not looking forward to this.

Motherly Goals:

1) Work more on colors. Find better strategies.  We have been working a lot on this but we still have more work to do

2) Go to the pumpkin patch this weekend   We made it to Swank Farms in Hollister this weekend. The kids and I had a blast. I was glad there was plenty to do for both the little kids and the older ones.

3) Spend quality time with my Princess  I did spend quality time with my Princess but I won't cross this off since it's a never ending goal.

Saving Goals:

1) Put more money in my emergency fund  I added $30 more dollars to the fund. That brings me to $325.00. Only $675.00 more to go!

2) List 40 Items on eBay total (minimum) I didn't do this (again). I had 35 listed and then I sold 8 (HOORAY!!!) and 2 ended without bids (boo) so I have 25 currently.

Personal Goals:

1) Organize garage (this sounds familiar) Don't ask. Just notice that it isn't crossed off (again)

2) Try to contact April I was finally able to talk to her and I think we both feel better for it. I miss my BFF

3) Wake up 30 minutes early to have some alone time Let me start out by saying that I'm not a morning person. I did manage to wake up 3 times 20 minutes early. That's a great start for me.

This weeks goals are:

Motherly Goals:

1. Work on fine motor skills with Princess.

2. Take Princess to her appointment. We have a speech assessment next week so hopefully that goes well.

3. Spend quality time with my Princess

4. Find more indoor activities to do with Princess since it's raining here and we aren't able to go out and play.

Saving Goals-

1. Add more money to my emergency fund

2. Have 40 items listed on eBay

3. Go coupon shopping at Target. I always forget my coupons when I'm near there.

Personal Goals-

1. Organize garage

2. Wake up 30 minutes early at least 3 times this week to have some quiet alone time (more manageable I think)

3. Make time to reconnect with old friend in Sac

Hopefully you did better on your goals this past week then I did.

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