Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekly Update

I reached my weekly goal!!!! I sold $175.00 my first week of my two week $300.00 goal. I am so happy. I started the week out really sloooooow and didn’t expect much. But I kept listing daily my goal of 5 items. I was very proud of myself because I hate listing (I know that’s not a good thing when I sell on eBay).

Week 1

Goal #1:

Sell $300 in two weeks. I sold $175 the first week so that leaves only $125.00 to reach my goal. And to make matters better my sister and mom are pitching in for my Princess’ gift so I only need to raise $150 and since I already sold $175 I have enough to buy her gift now. But I still am following through with my goal of selling $300.

Goal #2

List 5 items daily. I actually did this. I listed 35 new items this past week. For me that is a HUGE accomplishment. I’m going to keep it going this week.

My favorite sale of the week I think was this Dragon Fly shirt. It’s so UGLY!! I sold it for $17.00. I only paid $1 for it so that is a great profit. My niece always tells me I sell ugly stuff. That my might be true but at least they sell.

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  1. That's terrific! It seems everyone is having a good week on Ebay. Yippee!!!