Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What to Sell on eBay

What to sell on eBay? Well apparently not anything I’m selling because last week was my slowest week EVER. I only sold 3 items for very low amounts. But I made sure I kept listing as much as possible and my sales are picking up already.

But that’s not why we are here. Recently I read a post from Late Night Coffee here about a vintage Fisher Price security blanket. I almost fell over. I see security blankets at garage sales all the time. For very low prices. Of course I don’t recall ever seeing this one specifically but I decided to research these blankets on eBay and was shocked how much they were selling for.

Here’s a screen shot of one that sold recently. They don’t all sell for that much (unfortunately) but after reading this blog I decided to try it. The following weekend I went to a garage sale and picked this one up for a quarter.

It is a Carter’s Just One Year elephant security blanker. It sold for $15.00 within two days. Not a huge amount but I will be sure to pick these up when I see them for a low amount. And always make sure you include the word Lovey in your listing title. That’s what people tend to call these blankets. Cute.

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