Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Yesterday I had great intentions. I was going to go home and list a minimum of 10 items. I really was going to do it. I got home and I pulled 10 items for listing. I got all my things ready to take pictures and measuring tape and background and everything. And then real life intruded. My niece was over and she comes up to me and asks “Can Izzy and I go in the front yard and play with the neighbor?” I looked at my pile and then her face and I couldn’t say no. But that meant I had to go out front to watch the girls. Instead of throwing in the towel I decided to improvise. I got my stuff, went into the front yard and started taking pictures and measuring and doing everything I could. The neighbors probably think I’m crazy (actually they probably did already). But in the end I got 7 things listed. Always remember when life turns things upside down on you just roll with the punches and move on.

Goal #1

Sell $300 on eBay in two weeks. So far I haven’t sold anything else. I’m not worried because most things sell on the weekend.

Goal #2

List 5 things daily. I didn’t list Monday and yesterday I only listed 7 items so I need to list 8 today to make up for Monday.

I am staying positive about this whole thing. Even without any sales today. I think having the right mindset towards this will really help me. I will update more later. Hopefully some sales.

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