Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Da Rules

Da Rules. When we get older we think we know them all. There are the basics: don’t cheat, steal, etc. And of course the rules we should all live by like “Treat people the way you would like to be treated”. There are rules at work. Rules of the road. Rules everywhere. We know them all. Or do we?

I will admit I have never read up on the eBay rules. And I know they have a lot. There are restrictions you don’t dare break. My sister learned this recently and got a big slap on the hand. What huge rule did she break? Well here’s her story:

A couple months ago a coworker gave her a bunch of printer ink she no longer need. My sister listed it and it sold pretty quickly. Some of it was even expired (which she did disclose) and it still sold. It was all name brand name ink except for one. This one she listed at HP Compatible. Apparently that was a HUGE no no. She quickly got an email from eBay and the listing was pulled. What did she do wrong? Well apparently the listing should have read Compatible WITH HP. One simple little word. Her punishment? For 3 months she is on probation and is only able to list 5 items total per month. Yep that is only 5. Not a typo. Customer Service told her she should be grateful they didn’t kick her off. Wow.

So I guess it’s time I pull out Da Rule book and catch up on what I am and not allowed to do on eBay. And not to worry. My sister found a way around it. Did you know you are allowed to link up more then one email account to your PayPal account? So she created another eBay username with a different email address and linked it to her existing PayPal account. Sshh don’t tell.  

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  1. I listed a vintage drafting tool and mentioned in the description (not even the title) that the handle was bone. Wham! Pulled. But what aggravates me is that other listings of the same item remained (and sold for good money!) and they had the word bone in their title! Go fig! Never try to sell anything using the word ivory either.