Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Saving In Unexpected Places

My parents and I bought my sister a Kindle Fire for her birthday/Christmas gift last year. She was so excited to get it and loved it from day one. I got to play with it several times and have been thinking of getting one ever since. But unfortunately real life intrudes into my day dreams and I couldn't convince myself to run out and get one.

Back in December I decided to start a savings fund to get one. I put away extra money (yes that actually exists) that I have left over or money that unexpectedly made. For example I added the check I got from taking online surveys to this fund. I also was a secret shopper three times recently and put this money in the fund. So far I have saved $100. That's half way there! Or so I thought.

I was working this Saturday and one of the guys came in. He was telling me he was going to go shopping for a new tablet computer. I got excited when I heard this. I asked him what he was going to do with his Kindle Fire. His response "I want to sell it for $100. It includes the case and several other accessories." I practically jump out of my seat and said "I will take it!!!"

So I am officially a proud owner of an almost new Kindle Fire for half the price. Sometimes you are able to save money from the most unexpected places. Like a from a coworker. Don't you just love when something like that happens?

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  1. I love my Kindle Fire. I got one for my birthday. I wish I would have got one for cheap. Lucky for you