Thursday, March 8, 2012

You sell on eBay?

Has this ever happened to you? Someone finds out you are selling on eBay and they make a comment like "Oh you sell on eBay? I've been wanting to sell a few things on eBay. Maybe you can help me do it". This has happened to me several times since I started selling again. I enjoy helping people, I really do. And I was always taught that your are suppose to help others. But one thing I've learned about helping people sell on eBay is that once you start helping them it never ends.

When I started selling on eBay my niece and sister saw how great I was doing selling ordinary stuff like clothing and toys and decided they wanted to do it too. Being family I of course helped them set up eBay and Paypal accounts, walked them through listing and shipping and all the basics. But it didn't stop there. I get at least two calls, texts or emails daily from them asking how to do something or fix something or answer a question or a million other things. Every time they come across something new they come to me. I've had to ship things for them, go to the post office, answer emails, even call eBay.

I love my family and I know my niece can use the money to help with school and my sister can help supplement her income so most days I just grin and bare it. But when someone like my coworkers sisters wants help I just can't offer my services. I can't take on any more "clients". I barely have enough time in one day to work full time, be a single mom to a very energetic two year old, and sell on eBay. Most days my house is a mess and I pray no one comes knocking on my door. So I find myself avoiding the question or flat out saying no when someone asks for help. And I don't feel an ounce of guilt. Just tell my mother.


  1. what is worse is when they ask you to sell something for them. I try not to be mean about it but most of the time you cant even sell their item at a garage sale!

    1. I haven't had that yet. But it reminds me of the time my mom gave me an "antique" watch to sell on eBay. I looked at it and had to call my sis and niece over to see it. Her "antique" watch was a Hanna Montana watch. I think we laughed for an hour. And mom didn't talk to us for a day.

  2. I'm with Becky. People hear that I sell on Ebay and they proceed to tell me that they have all this great stuff they want me to sell for them. I did that at one time and charged 30% which basically was 15% for fees and 15% for my trouble (er...expertise). After their "antiques" ended up being junk and only fetching a few bucks, it wasn't worth my time. So now I just sell for me and do occasional commissions for family. I wish I could show people how to sell, but they don't even want to try.