Monday, May 7, 2012

Goal Update and Yard Sale Finds

I made my goal of selling $300 in two weeks. Woohoo!!! I actually sold $318.00. I will be honest though. My second goal of listing 5 items per day didn’t go so well. Last week I only listed 10 items. Oops. I was sick with the flu and not very motivated. I’m just happy that I was able to reach my goal without listing daily. But just imagine how much I would have made if I did list daily. OK lets not think about that cuz then I will get sad. Tonight I am going home and listing. Promise.

My next goal will be saving enough money to take my Princess to Disneyland. I don’t know if I want to make the trip before or after the new little one comes. Since I don’t have a date it’s hard to plan. But for now I’m concentrating on making my baby’s 3rd birthday the best ever.

I work this Saturday so that meant no yard sales for me. It actually hurts knowing how many sales there were that I was missing out on. So Sunday morning I woke up mom at the crack of dawn (Translation in my world: 9 am) and out we went yard saling. I was so exciting. It was a beautiful day. I had visions of finding the next big thing that was going to make me enough money to retire from my eBay earnings. How did I do? Well I’m still working. I did find some interesting items though.

I finally found my first American Girl doll. She didn’t come with any clothing and her hair has seen better days. But for $2.00 I figured I could take the chance on buying her.

I found this frame. Kinda corny but I saw it and imagined it sitting on my desk with pictures my Princess and my beautiful doggies (who swear they are human). And it only cost $1.00.

I also purchased a couple of Air Jordon sneakers. I’ve never sold shoes before much less tennis shoes. And since I never wear anything but sandals I'm far from an expert. But I know these aren’t cheap shoes and they were in great shape. Best part, they were only $1.00 each pair. I figured I could turn some kind of profit on them. No pics of those though because they are being cleaned.

I hope you scored better this weekend then I did. But like I always say, every little bit counts. It all adds up.


  1. You should do well with that AG doll. Nice score and good luck....Dude!

  2. Dude - Thanks. Unfortunately my daughter go ahold of it and it's now sitting in her doll stroller. I'm going to have to sneak it away from her.