Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekly Sales

I have been neglecting eBay lately. And I thought for sure eBay would be upset with me and turn off my store “Open” sign. But shockingly they didn’t. This past week I sold $160.00 worth of merchandise. I am pleasantly shocked. Especially considering I haven’t listed in a couple of weeks. I was too busy getting everything ready of my Princess’ birthday party.

I sold 10 items for a total of $160. Well actually my total sales were $175 but I messed up on the shipping for one of my items that went international. I forgot to weigh it with all of the filler items in the box and it ended up weighing more then 4 lbs which meant it had to go priority. I ended making $30 instead of $45 on it. It was a large lot of Lion King figures I got for less then $1.00 so I’m more then happy with making $30 on them.

Here they are. Nothing special about them and I’m surprised they sold so quickly. But there were 50 of them.

I am known (or was before my mortgage and Princess) for paying hundreds of dollars for a purse. But even this sale shocked me. I wouldn’t have paid $30 for a used purse made out of seatbelts. But like I always say “if you list it, they will buy”. I sold this yellow Harveys seatbelt purse for $30. There was only one other yellow one listed so I might have been able to get more but it was dirty and I didn’t want to spend the time to clean it. I did take lots of pics and include descriptions of stains. I bought it for a quarter a few months ago and finally got around to listing it when I was in “Must raise money for my Princess’ birthday gift” crazy.

I was excited I finally sold my first coffee mug. I have read in several different blogs that these sell well. I decided to try it out. This one I bought as part of a lot of 3 for $1.00 and sold it for $12.00. I don’t know if I’m going to rush to buy more of these unless they are unique. Mugs are annoying to mail. You have to be careful packing them so they don’t break. I think I will stick to non-breakable clothing.

My baby loved her Dora themed party. She is the reason I sell on eBay. To make sure she never needs for anything. I have to remember that next time I find myself neglecting eBay again. And now back to listing.

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