Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Baby

I wrote about the situation with the baby here. I went through a depression stage right after. I was going through the motions of life but not really living or enjoying life. I can't really explain exactly how I felt. But after about a month I realized I had to do something about it and got some medication. It took a while but I can feel the difference. 

The situation with the baby is ... Still up in the air. Mom dropped out of rehab after about 6 weeks. Rumor has it that dad asked her to quit because he didn't want to be alone anymore. But she denies it and there is no proof. Dad supposedly has followed his case plan. But he has medical issues and wouldn't be able to care for baby on his own. So according to social worker (the 5th one I've had since I got baby) it could go either way.

In the meantime life goes on. I fall more in love with baby every day. She turned 1 last month. 

We had a Fairy from Happily Ever After perform. She was great. 

She is such a happy, smart, wonderful child. So far there have been no issues from the drug addiction. I am so blessed that she is the perfect baby. I can honestly say she is the prettiest baby I have ever seen since I wasn't around to see my Princess as a baby so I'm not being a bad mom. 

I don't know what will happen next month at the court hearing. I won't know until right before the social worker turns in her court report with her recommendation. But for now I will love and enjoy every moment I have with her even if these moments will be ending soon. I will try to give her so much love it will last her a lifetime. 

Will I do this again? I keep getting asked that question. I don't know. I ultimately do it for the children. I would save them all if I could. If I get a bigger house or if baby gets returned to her birth parents maybe I will. A 3 year old would be good. That's a good age. But only God knows what my future will hold. 


  1. Wow! I can't believe little nugget is one already! She's soo cuuuute!!!I hope the court hearing goes well for you this time without any glitches and that you get to keep her.
    And hey, I have a birthday coming up and I think I could use a happily ever after fairy too. ;)

    1. Lorraine- please do get a fairy and make sure to take pictures and post them! ;)

  2. I think its great what your doing for that sweet baby. You are giving her something that she would have never had if she was with her parents...Love and a special bond. Be so proud of that.
    We have had alot of fostering and adopting on my husbands side of the family. We know the situation well... and have seen it go good and bad. But even when we thought things were "bad"... there was always a happy ending. I think the California courts give the parents too many chances... (I think your in Cali too?)... BUT they always seem to do whats best for the kids in the end.
    I dont know if I am making any sense or just rambling.
    If bio mom dropped out of rehab, I would think your chances are good. She needs to use the resources the court provided or they are going to cut them off for her... and she will be on her own to fix her problems (which usually doesnt happen in a drug addicts case).... Prayers for you and your babies.

  3. Your story brings tears to my eyes. Do much love.