Monday, September 23, 2013


I’ve read and heard about people selling things on Craigslist but I was afraid to take the plunge. I have bought plenty but the thought of having to actually drive to meet someone to sell something and possibly wasting my time didn’t appeal to me. Selling on eBay is done from home and you don’t have to pull the item out again until it sells (and it’s paid for).


One thing that I’ve learned about babies is that they require a lot of “stuff”. And all this “stuff” is not cheap. Most things I have been able to pick up at yard sales for a fraction of the price of new. And as baby out grew her “stuff” it just got pushed in a corner to be dealt with at a later time. Well that time finally came. J told me I either sold the “stuff” or he was taking it all to Salvation Army. Is he crazy?! Give away things when I can make money on them?!?! Heck no!


Listing on Craigslist was so easy. I was actually able to do it from my phone. Took some pictures, put up a description, listed the item for more then I was hoping to make since I know everyone always haggles with the price, and just waited for a taker. First items I listed were an activity saucer thingy she sat in and a small rocking chair. They both sold within a couple days to the same person. The best part was that I was unavailable when she wanted to meet so J had to go for me. Now I just have to tackle the rest of the pile.


This past weekend Mom and I went to yard sales and found one that several baby items for sale for a great price. They were all too small for my daughter to use so I just passed over them. Mom on the other hand had different ideas. She bought walker thingy (yes that’s my go to word when I don’t know the exact name) for $2.00. It’s adorable in the shape of a car and in great shape. But it’s not small. My daughter (who refuses to walk) has one at home and we don’t need another. So once we got all settled in the car I turned to mom and asked “Who’s that for?”  Her response was “Mija it was only $2.00. I’m sure you can sell it on Craigslist for at least $10-`15.00.” What?! I just got rid of two bulky things. And here I was bringing a new one home. I guess I need to get to listing. I did make mom promise she wouldn’t pick up anything else to sell until I cleared out the corner.


  1. Holy crow! 2.00!?!?! That style is really pricey if I remember correctly (more than comparables) I fell in love with it for my son but babies r us wanted somewhere around 150.00. Great score

  2. Your mom must be reading Money In The Garage. Dude does flips on CL all the time. I'm sure he would ask $60-75 for that car seat, easy! I have sold a lot of things of CL and really haven't any major problems. I usually arrange a meeting place in a public parking lot and it's not a big deal or I advertise a bunch of things on a Friday and have them set up in my garage and they usually sell over the weekend. Kind of like a garage sale, but more specific.

  3. That was an awesome buy for $2. I bet it will sell quickly for a nice profit. Your mom has a great eye :)

  4. Oh, grief. Now you are making me feel bad. I have a gorgeous antique pedestal dining table sitting in my garage, waiting for me to sell it on CL. It's a BIT too large to put on Ebay. But I just can't decide how much to ask for it! That's because I know how much I invested in getting it refinished and getting custom new table pads. Argh.

  5. I'm glad she came with you. I will always swing on something that is only $2. Craigslist can be a little scary but make sure you are smart about it. If you plan to meet someone, make sure it is during the day and preferably at the bank. Who would try something stupid right in the bank lobby? Anyway, I hope you do sell the walker thing haha