Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some Call Me Stubborn

Maybe I am just a little stubborn. A few months ago I found a Grateful Dead button down short sleeve shirt for $4.00. It had a cool skull design on the front so i figured I would pick it up. Who doesn't like skulls? I looked it up eBay and couldn't find another like it. I randomly picked a number and decided to list it.  J looked at me and said "No one is going to pay $70.00 for that". My response was "we will see".

In the few months I had it listed I had a lot of offers on (I didn't put Best offer on this listing) but I was stubborn and decided to wait it out. Some of the offers were questionable. $15.00 offer on a $70.00 listed is crazy. J kept telling me I had it listed for too much. He said thats why my offers were for 20-40 dollars. I gave him the same response "we will see".

Maybe I am stubborn and I had no reason to believe that my shirt was worth $70.00 but I refused to give up. Well guess what. Last night it sold to a nice gentleman in London for the first asking price. He even paid $15.00 in shipping. Sometimes being stubborn pays off.

Maybe I should have listed it for more.


  1. Yay!!! Waiting totally pays off most of the time in eBay. I try to tell myself that when low ball offers come my way. Great job waiting it out!

  2. Nice flip! Your patience paid off big time! :)

  3. Wow that is amazing! I would of lowered the price after a month to get it moving. I need to be more stubborn about my prices! Very inspiring post!

    I also have a blog at sellonebayforprofit.com hope to see you there :-)

  4. Awesome! I know a lot of sellers lower their prices after a certain period of time. I tend to wait it out and it usually pays! I just sold a large 19" Disney Tigger for full asking price of $34.99, I listed it in Sept of 2012. Never even got any kind of bo on it and it sold for full price this week. I'm patient..I will wait as son as I have room. LOL

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else