Thursday, September 26, 2013

What's In A Name ...

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. 

I had to memorize Act 2, scene 1 (the famous balcony scene) from Romeo and Juliet in high school. I still remember most of it. Even as a ground up I still don't know why I had to learn it. What educational value was there in memorize lines? 

What is in a name? The name you give your child could make a huge difference in their life. Will they be teased for life? Will it fit them. Be too old for then as a child or too young for them as an adult. It's a lot of pressure coming up with a name. My Princess was named after my Mom. That was a no brainier. But with baby I don't have a clue. I don't want to keep her name. I did plan on Sofia the first time I thought she might be mine. But now it seems kinda tainted after what we have been through. So what would I name her if I was able to adopt her? Social services are recommending a termination of services and have a contested hearing in one week. But things are looking good for us to adopt. 

These are some ideas so far:

Samantha (would be called Sammi)

Any suggestions on a name?   

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  1. I was wondering when that hearing was going to be. Fingers crossed for you. As for a name, well, after being a lunch lady for 8 years, I know that the names Emma and Samantha are pretty popular. When I look at your baby's beautiful little face, I think of names like Isabella, Gabriella, and Christina. I named my daughter Megan because I didn't know anyone with that name. Then when she went to school, there were so many Megans that the teachers had to add on their middle names to distinguish one from the other. Hmmm. Just read your post over again. How about Juliet? :-)