Monday, March 4, 2013

Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are

I lost something very important. Have you seen it? I’m very worried. It’s been missing for a while. I’ve lost my eBay sales. I can’t seem to sell anything and I’m very worried. OK so I might be slightly to blame for sales being gone. I just haven’t been listing the way I should. But I’m determined to do better. And to make myself accountable I’m going to make, and share my goals.

eBay Goals for March:

1. List at least 14 new items a week. That breaks down to 2 items per day. I was aiming for 5 per day but I’m just too busy for that most days so I’m being easier on myself and saying 2 per day.
2. Go thru my existing inventory and list or purge. I really don’t need to do anymore shopping but I know I will. My goal this month is to go thru everything I already have and get organized.
3. Sell $600.00 in March. Not a big goal but that is a lot of money for me. Especially when I do this very part time.

Just 3 little goals. I can do it. I am trying to make March the month of change for myself. Like a personal spring cleaning. I think I really need it. So on top of eBay goals I also have a goal to loose 4 pounds this month, and (this is a big one for me) cut out most of my frivolously spending and put more money into my emergency fund. Let me tell you if I had an emergency right now I would be out of luck. I might have enough to cover an emergency pack of gum.

I’m really motivated to do well. Today I brown bagged it to work so I saved about $7.00 already. And on my eBay front I’ve sold 3 items so far this month totaling $60.00.

This beauty sold for $25.00 at auction. Buyer paid for shipping. I paid $1.29 for her on February 22nd. I was really hoping I would get more but auction ended with only one bid. She is kinda creepy and not in the best condition so I’m happy I got one bid.

This weekend all my purchases came from a single yard sale. We filled up a big, black garbage bag with toys and clothes for $24.00. I came home and listed several items including Pooh. He sold the same day. I probably under priced him at $20.00 since he was new with tags but plush is bulky and takes up more room to store so I priced my lowest. I split the cost of the bag with my mom so I’m already making a profit.

The third item I sold was a mens shirt for $15.00. I had an oops moment on this item. I meant to list if for more but I only paid $1.25 for it so still making plenty of profit.

This month I will be the little engine that could “I think I can, I think I can”.


  1. Veronica, don't be too hard on yourself, you have two little babies and a full time job! Just do as much as you can when you can. You might think of setting aside the 14 items for the week and taking pictures of all of them on one night, editing the pictures the next and measurements and details the next. This somehow makes me get a lot more done than doing two at a time. Just a thought! Hopefully that emergency fund will grow!

    1. Great minds think alike. Last night I had some "free" time while Nugget was sleeping and Princess was coloring so I pulled out some stuff and measured and wrote down description. That way when I sit down to list I have a big part of it is done. Easier to tackle the 14 listings.

  2. Hey are an I in the same boat. Hoping to start listing again soon..but sales are still trickling in...can't complain. As soon as I'm done with my book-keeping and taxes for my full time business, I'm gonna list like a mad woman!

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

    1. Margaret - you must be really busy this time of year. Hopefully you can tackle your stack of items to list soon. Like I always tell myself, If its not listed it won't sell.