Monday, February 11, 2013

Yard Sale Finds

Last weeks $20.00 thrift store challenge made a second appearance this weekend. I decided to see what I could get at yard sales for $20.00. I was lucky because it stopped raining Friday night so there were plenty of sales to choose from. I don't have photos this time because most of it is in the washer. But this is what I got:

Yard sale #1: A mans Kahala Hawaiian shirt for $1.00
Yard sale #4: 3 men's 4XL shirts. Includes one Tommy Bahama and two Ralph Lauren. $3.00 total.
Yard sale #5: 2 kids books for my Princess $0.50 total.
Yard sale #7: 2 tutus, a new with tags bathing suit, a couple of infant toys, and 2 costumes for $2.50 total. Only the costumes are for eBay.
Yard sale #9: 10 Christmas ornaments and a pair of women's Diesel jeans. Total spent $6.00. I have never tried selling ornaments before but my sister has had good luck with them. They include Lennox, Waterford, Spode and several other well known brands.
Yard sale # too many I lost track: My remaining $7.00 were spent on a costume, a tutu, a jacket, two tops, a doggie purse, an electronic American Girl thing (no idea what it is but I threw it in the pile) and a pony. No not a real pony. A rocking horse that is adorable. It makes noise and moves its head. My daughter fell in love so I had to get. And she wouldn't get off of it so it was either leave her or take the horse.

Most of my money was spent on things for the girls but I should still be able to make a good profit on the resale items. I kinda like this $20 challenge. It makes me stay on a budget and actually keep track of what I bought. Plus mom was with me with extra cash just in case I found a need to have item I couldn't afford.


  1. Adorable photo! It sounds like you found some good stuff. Yard sale season in the northeast in still far off. Sigh.

  2. Yeah, for us here in Chicago too. I can't wait till it picks up. You always find some great inventory!

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

  3. The girls are getting so big!
    You got some great stuff. I'm trying to stay away from yard sales and thrift stores until I can get through my massive sell piles.I want there to be space when yard sale season starts up again.