Wednesday, February 6, 2013

$20 Challenge

Recently Margaret at Live Like No One Else wrote about a “Only Got $20 In My Pocket” challenge. She took a ride to the thrift store to see what kind of treasures she could acquire for $20.00. She hasn’t posted her finds yet but I did decide to take that challenge.

Today I walked into my local Salvation Army with a goal of only spending $20.00 and finding as many items I could find that I could turn around and sell for a profit on eBay. This challenge was actually hard for me for several reasons. The main reason is that I have very little time to shop. I usually go on my breaks and spend at the most 30 minutes shopping. Most trips I only buy one or two items and spend about $5.00. So finding enough time to shop and purchase $20.00 worth of items was going to be hard. But the Thrift Store Gods smiled down on me and there was plenty to choose from in the two sections I had time to look through, mens shirts and jeans. I actually had to put back a few items to keep within my $20.00 budget. So what did $20.00 buy me? Well …

7 for all mankind jeans

A Kahala Hawaiian shirt

A mens Patagonia shirt

Reyn Spooner Hawaiian Shirt

Boys Ralph Lauren Shirt

Two Tommy Bahama shirts

Cubavera Shirt. I’ve never sold these before but I thought I read somewhere that they sell well.

Hudson Jeans

Janie and Jack child bathing suit

That is 10 items for $20.00. Well actually $20.50. The best part is that I got all of it listed already. I wonder how much profit the $20.00 will bring me. I will keep you updated.


  1. Wow! Your store must have awesome prices. Nice haul.

  2. All that for only 20 bucks! wow! I would never see shirts like that where I am. And our SA doesn't sell or accept swimwear. Good luck. I'm sure you'll do very well!

  3. OMG found some amazing items. I love SA, I actually posted my items this the post is updated. You really scored some amazing things. You did MUCH better than me. How cool!!

    Can't wait to hear how much you make..and I'm so impressed that they are all listed already! You go girl!!!

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

  4. You fond really great stuff! I'm inspired now to go soon as I'm not snowed in. :)