Friday, March 8, 2013

Can I Make A Living

Today I asked myself "could I make a living off of eBay?" I know there are people that do this full time or almost full time and support themselves with the income. Would I be able to do the same and continue living the life I am living now.

The reason I wonder is because the company I have worked for so many years (too many to think about) was bought out recently. The new company is making so many changes. I don't know if my job is secure. So for the first time in ... well ever I'm having to wonder about my future with the company. If I do lose my job could I fall back on eBay until I found something new? I don't know. And that is a little scary.

Does anyone know someone personally who sells online for a living? Maybe I just want reassurance that it is possible.


  1. Hey Veronica,
    I can talk more about what it's like to work at home because that's what I've done for the past 20 years. (small parts packaging for my Dad). You have to make a space in your home just for work and you need to be disciplined otherwise distractions from everyday life will keep you from getting things done. It can also get kind of lonely if you don't have other people to talk to. That's why I "branched out" and got a part time job as a lunch lady. I really hope you don't lose your job, especially if you have medical benefits. Good luck!

  2. Look into becoming a Trading Assistant on Ebay. You sell items for others and charge them a percentage or flat fee. I only sell on Ebay full time and I am a trading assistant. Of course you can pick and choose who you work with and what you want to sell. It's easy to do, your inventory is free (because your clients provide it for you). Check it out under sell up at the drop down menu and click on sell my item for me and it will lead you to the trading assistant program info page

  3. I am a SAHM (so I'm really not supporting husband makes a good living) but I grossed $25,000 according to Paypal last year. So I imagine I made about $12,000 in profit doing this purely part time. So you can do it!!