Monday, March 11, 2013

Why Wait

Last spring and summer I went to garage sales and bought and bought and bought (yes I have a problem) seasonal items like Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations with the intention of saving them until that season got here. Then I planned on listing like crazy to get them all up (and hopefully sold) before the season was over. Unfortunately things don't often go according to plan around here.

When Halloween season started I couldn't find the storage containers with the costumes (I'm a little disorganized). When Christmas season got here I had so many personal issues that listing was the last thing on my mind. But then one day I realized "I have a store. Why wait?" So ever since then I list no matter the season.

I understand that items will probably sell quicker and for more when the season gets here. But at that time eBay will be saturated with sellers that also waited and are listing their items. I would rather be one of two or three sellers with an item now then one of a dozen later.

For those of you thinking "I don't want something to sit for months" you would be surprised what people will buy all year long. This past weekend I sold a Jasmine costume for $40.00 minus shipping and a baby's first Christmas from 2001 for $20.00 minus shipping. The costumes people buy for pretend play or themed birthday parties all year long. The ornaments I'm not sure about. Maybe theirs broke when they were packing it up after the holidays. All I know is that I'm glad it sold.

The ornament came from my $20.00 yard sale challenge a few weeks ago. So far my $20.00 investment has yielded me $120.00 profit. Three of those sales were holiday items, a costume and two ornaments.


  1. Costumes are one of my favorite things to sell! I definitely list them all year long. For some reason I sold 10 different costumes during the first week of February this year. I have no idea what that was all about, but you won't catch me complaining. :-)

    I also had two Christmas ornaments left over after Christmas, and they have both since sold. I'm with ya - if you've got it, you might as well list it.

  2. I've mentioned this before when it comes to costumes...Halloween is not the only time people dress up. Anime and Comic Con style conventions are held all year long and it's totally about wearing costumes (Cosplay). Mostly young adults attend but some older folks go too and sometimes they bring little kids dressed in costume. Some popular mainstream themes from movies and video games are: Star Wars, Star Trek, Naruto, Pokemon, Mario & Luigi, Zelda, Halo, etc. Also there are those strange and weird furry conventions where adults dress in plush costumes. And don't forget costume props...hats, eyeglasses, boots, stockings, colored wigs, name it. Just google cosplay and look at images. Weapon props at conventions cannot have moving parts and swords/knives can't have real metal, so con goers get creative and make ordinary things into whatever they need using paint, Sculpy polymer clay,'s a whole other subculture that you can cater to on Ebay.

    1. I just looked up Cosplay. Wow. Something to look into. There is so much out there that is a money maker. All it takes is a little research (and time). Thanks for the info.