Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's a Fake!

This weekend I went to a garage sale that had lots of designer clothing. Most of it was woman's clothing but there were two men's shirts hiding out in the middle of the mountain of clothing. I grabbed them both and stuck them in my quickly growing stack of items I was buying.

Lately I've been trying to list as soon as I get home so being a good girl I pulled out the big bag of clothing I bought and separated the selling from the keeping items. Unfortunately most of it was keeping. The seller was my size and she had really nice spring and summer items.

The first item I pulled out to list was a men's Tommy Bahama shirt. I buttoned it up to examine it and right away noticed it was a fake. I have sold dozens of these shirts since I started selling again on eBay. That certainly doesn't make me an expert but I know one of the obvious things to look for is that when buttoned the pattern continues across the shirt. Of course like any rule there is an exception. Really old shirts (by old I mean early 90's when they first started making them) don't follow this rule. But this isn't an old shirt unfortunately. It's just a fake. Now it will be donated to SA minus the tags so no one else tries to pass off a fake for a real one.

I've included a pic of the fake shirt and a real shirt so you can see how in the grey shirt the pattern doesn't continue and on the orange shirt it does. It looks like one piece of material.


  1. I never knew that! What a great tip! Now I see why TB shirts cost so much.

  2. This is always my greatest fear with clothing..there are so many knock offs. Thanks for the tip Veronica!!!

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

  3. Good to know about the shirts! I had no idea. THANKS FOR Stopping by Happy Girl Thrift! Lisa