Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pay Attention

It seems like I'm always repeating myself with my Princess. "Nice hands!" "Sit still!" "Pay attention!" Rules to live by but we sometimes forget as adults. 

Life is so fast. Go go go! We forget to stop and pay attention. And in the world of sellers it really pays to pay attention. How do we know what people want unless we pay attention? What shows are popular on TV? What are kids into these days? I will sometimes sit and spend time with my nieces and nephews and just listen to what their interests are. And sometimes it pays off. 

This morning we went to a garage sales. I looked in a shoe box they had on the table and inside were a bunch of Skylanders. I turned to Jason and commented on them. The seller told me "your the first person who knew what they were". I asked her how much they were and she asked her son. $2.00 each or $10.00 for all of them. I paid him the $10.00 and grabbed my box. 

I had heard my nephews mention Skylanders before. They are figures you place on a portal and they connect to your game console. I'm sure I'm not explaining this right. I had no idea what they sold for but I knew I could at least make double my investment. Once I looked them up on eBay I was really surprised what some go for. I split my find into three listings. If they all sell I will make $150 from my $10 investment. And I already sold one lot for $80.00. So sometimes it really does pay to pay attention. And it pays to look for Skylanders. 

These are about 2" tall and the easiest ways to spot them is their fluorescent green bottom. 

They come with a sticker, card and code but even if they don't have them they sell well. 

And I highly recommend taking the time to look them each up. Some sell for much more. The guy on the left above sold for $35.00 on its own. The one on the right sells for about $7-10. LOOK THEM UP! 


  1. Hey, that's great! I've heard of Skylanders, but never actually saw what they look like. A couple of years ago, I bought a Little Bear set of Figures for $10 and sold the set for $70. I only know characters from my daughter's era. But another thing I guess you can do is watch commercials on Nickeloedon or Cartoon Network to see what toys are popular.

  2. What!? I have never heard of these!! Thanks for a great tip! :)

  3. How tall are these items. I think I have seen them, but never paid attention to them since I couldn't identify

    1. I've added some additional information above including size. They are worth looking out for!