Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Four Years Ago

Four years ago today my baby was born. I wasn't around to witness the miracle but I'm pretty sure she was the most beautiful baby ever. Her birth grandma once told me she was born a bald baby. Most Hispanics are born with tons of hair. But I'm sure even being folically challenged she was still perfect.

January 2011 God (and social services) brought her into my life. She was so small and quiet. I fell in love at first sight. Her first birthday with us she had a Spongebob party. She freaked out when the kids started hitting the piƱata. I'm saving up money for future counseling. She had only been with me a few months and amazed at everything we had for her special day.

Fast forward two years and her old small shy self no longer remains. She takes such joy in everything. She is still the perfect baby (or big girl like she keeps telling me). And I thank God every day he brought us together.

I Love You Andi. Happy 4th Birthday!